Sona Fricker

About Me:
Image of Sona Fricker - Breathworks Accredited TeacherI have practised and taught mindfulness, meditation and related disciplines around the world for over thirty-five years in a number of roles. I have worked with Vidyamala and Gary since 2003. I currently work as one of Breathworks directors, a senior trainer and certified teacher.

I also work as a distance learning teacher, coaching people through one of our standard Breathworks courses or with a special bespoke course. Please contact me for more details.
Phone/Mobile: 01618 341110
City: Ledbury
County: West Midlands
Country: United Kingdom
  • Mindfulness for Health courses
  • Mindfulness for Stress courses
  • Mindfulness in Schools
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • Coaching
  • Research
  • One to One Sessions
  • Mindful Parenting