Joy Reeves

About Me:
Image of Joy Reeves - Breathworks Accredited TeacherI have been involved with Breathworks for over 8 years, I started my journey because I have a Chronic degenerative back and neck condition myself, I am now a trainer and associate of Breathworks, teaching classes and one to one with people with many and varied problems, in their live. My life has been transformed by Breathworks and I feel that it is my responsibility to enable others to improve the quality of their lives. I lived from my bed to the settee when I started this Journey with Breathworks, now I work all over the country, as well as supporting the on line course with people throughout the world.

Helping them to enable themselves to realise that life is for living moment to moment and if you are coping at this moment that's all you have to worry about, and Kindness is like a smile it starts with you if you are in a good place and happy it helps and affects so many people round you. and so it is the most unselfish way to live your life, if these few words ring true for you please contact me and I will do my best to help you.
Phone/Mobile: (01274) 481280
City: Bradford
Other County: North Yorkshire
Country: United Kingdom