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Breathworks mindfulness retreat - Sydney March 2018

Breathworks is running two parallel events in March 2018: Mindfulness immersion Retreat (New) and the Advanced Teacher Training (TTa)  - Click here for details.

Information for TTi retreats click here

Dates: Saturday 3 March 2018 at noon - Friday 9 March 2018 at noon.

Venue: Vijayaloka Retreat Centre, 7 Howard Road, Minto Heights, NSW

Breathworks Immersion Retreat

Leaders: Vidyamala Burch and Sona Fricker, two of the founders of Breathworks. They will be assisted by a team of Breathworks teachers.

Suitable for:

  • Those who want to learn from Vidyamala Burch – Breathworks founder and world-leading expert on mindfulness for pain and illness; & Sona Fricker, who has worked closely with Vidyamala over the last 15+ years since the inception of Breathworks.
  • Anyone who is interested in establishing a regular mindfulness practice.
  • Those wanting to experience the content of the Breathworks 8 week course in a residential 6-day retreat.
  • 8-week mindfulness course graduates who wish to take their practice deeper.
  • Those interested in training with Breathworks who have yet to attend a residential retreat. This retreat fulfills two of the pre-requisites for training with Breathworks – attending a course and attending a residential retreat.
  • This retreat also meets the residential retreat CPD requirement for mindfulness teachers, trainers, and supervisors who may struggle to attend a week-long retreat due to family or other life commitments. Please discuss with your supervisor before booking.

NB: this is a pre-requisite for Breathworks Teacher Training (TTi), but not a Teacher Training event.

Retreat Content:

Immerse yourself on a journey of self-discovery through the Breathworks approach to mindfulness and compassion. Learn how to come into present awareness through practices designed to still body and mind. From this place of stillness and calm, learn to turn towards painful sensations, thoughts and feelings with compassion, softening physical tension and the mental and emotional difficulties that often accompany it.

Finally, learn to discover the beauty that is being alive, through seeking out and dwelling in pleasant experiences, learning to hold both pleasant and unpleasant experiences with compassion, and beginning to connect with others through the universality of suffering and joy.

The Breathworks programme includes led meditation practices, mindful movements, mindfulness in daily life activities, and group enquiry and discussion. All learning is designed to be engaging and experiential. The retreat will also include extended periods of silence to help you take your practice deeper.

The retreat includes opportunities to talk to one of the team about your meditation practice if you wish.

A typical day's programme is as follows:

7.00 rise (moving to 6.30 after second day) followed by meditation

9.00 breakfast

10.30 teaching session

1.00 lunch followed by free time to rest and take walks in the countryside

4.00 teaching session

6.00 supper

7.45 teaching session

Course details:

Starts: Saturday 3 March at 12 noon (registration followed by lunch at 1pm)
Ends: Friday 9 March February at 12 noon

Venue: Vijayaloka Retreat Centre, 7 Howard Road, Minto Heights, NSW

Enquiries: Paula Yanis is managing enquiries and arrangements for this retreat. She will pass on any relevant enquiries to the retreat leaders, Vidyamala and Sona.
e: paula.yanis@breathworks.co.uk
t: Paula Yanis on 0421043397 (or +61421043397 if calling from outside Australia)

Booking details


  • $1800 (if paid for by an organisation)
  • $1600 (if paid by an individual).
  • $1300 (concessionary).
These places are limited. To apply please write a letter outlining your circumstances to paula.yanis@breathworks.co.uk

This fee covers all accommodation, food and tuition costs.

To book: contact Paula e: paula.yanis@breathworks.co.uk
t: Paula Yanis on 0421043397 (or +61421043397 if calling from outside Australia)

We are hiring Vijayaloka for the week, a rural bush Buddhist retreat centre near Sydney and this event is organised in conjunction with the Sydney Buddhist Centre. The retreat will be entirely secular.

Booking & Refund Policy

A deposit of AUS $500 will be payable on enrolment.

Notice of cancellation must be provided to Paula via email (paula.yanis@breathworks.co.uk) and will be confirmed via reply email. We cannot accept responsibility for correspondence that is delayed or for the failure of delivery.

In the unlikely event the workshop is cancelled by the organisers, registration fees will be fully refunded. No liability will be accepted for travel, accommodation or other costs/expenses incurred by participants.

In the event of cancellation (by you):

  • A refund (less a $200 admin fee) will be issued if cancellation is received up to two months before the event.
  • A 50% refund (less a $200 admin fee) will be issued up to one month before the event.
  • However, in either of the above circumstances if a substitute person can be found there will be a full refund less the admin fee of $200
  • No refunds will be issued after 16th Jan 2018, except in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of Breathworks.

It is recommended that travel insurance is purchased by the participants to cover travel expenses in the unlikely event that Breathworks cancels this event.

Would you like to help promote this event

If you would like to help Breathworks promote this event, then here are some following materials which you could use in both print and digital promotion:

Australia 2018 Leaflet thumbprint Breathworks mindfulness retreat - Sydney March 2018


IntroductoryTeacher Training (TTi)

In order to bring about parity within our international training programmes we have decided to offer a Breathworks Immersion retreat in 2018, rather than the TTi;  with a view to the new TTi being offered either later in 2018 by local trainers (TBC) and/or in early 2019. If you wish to register your interest for information about future teacher training programmes in Australia/NZ please email Paula Yanis (paula.yanis@breathworks.co.uk).

Advanced Teacher Training TTa

This retreat is part of the Breathworks professional teacher training programme and is open to anyone whose has completed the Breathworks Introductory Teacher Training (TTi).


  • $2250 (if paid for by an organisation)

  • $2050 (if paid by an individual)

  • $1840 (concessionary)*

*Concessionary places are limited. To apply please write a letter outlining your circumstances to paula.yanis@breathworks.co.uk

Please contact Paula Yanis paula.yanis@breathworks.co.ukif you wish to apply or book on this TTa event