The Details of the Breathworks Training programme - For Trainees Completing TTi by December 2017

Training Overview

The Breathworks Training Programme is designed to develop your understanding of the principles and practices of MBPM, thus enabling you to effectively deliver the Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress courses for people with pain, stress and illness. You will learn to clearly present Breathworks key concepts and facilitate group learning; effectively and confidently guide meditation practices and mindful movement; and support people in practising mindfulness in daily life.

The course consists of four distinct training components:

1. Introductory Teacher Training (TTi)

This six day course, offered in both residential and non-residential formats, includes an in-depth review of key MBPM concepts with opportunities to practice methods for delivering content, guiding meditations, teaching mindful movement as well as a chance to explore these in your own practice.

This training is for anyone who is:

  • interested in learning more about how to incorporate MBPM into their work with people with chronic pain, stress and illness
  • intending to working towards becoming a Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher accredited to deliver 8-week courses in Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress

Prior to attending you will have:


This course enables participants to:

  • further your understanding of mindfulness and its applications to human suffering
  • deepen your personal mindfulness practice
  • communicate your understanding and experience to others
  • practice guiding meditations and mindful movement
  • learn how to deliver key concepts

The course is mainly experiential, conducted in small groups in which we explore our own (students and trainers) processes in mindfulness. Periods of silence are included to support us in deepening our personal mindfulness practice.

Training Programme Application Forms

For those who would like to apply for Breathworks Teacher Training (please check prerequisites before you begin this process).

If you participated in TT1 during 2013 and you want to book on this event, please check the current student info.

2. Application of Skills

Upon completion of Introductory Training (TTi), students may choose, in consultation with the training team, to apply the skills they've learned during TTi. They can do this by supporting a course, or in some cases, running an independently led or co-led practice course. They then attend Advanced Training (TTa), where they will deepen their understanding and skills in delivering Breathworks courses. Most students choose to wait until after they've completed TTa to do a practice course.

We ask all students not to plan a Practice Course until they've attended TTi and consulted with the training team.

The course will be supervised by a senior Breathworks trainer.

Students will:

  • write a weekly reflective journal
  • receive advice and support from their supervisor
  • submit participant evaluation forms after the course
  • discuss appropriate next steps with their supervisor

3. Teacher Training Advanced (TTa)

Advanced training is also offered in six day residential and non-residential formats. TTa helps students to consolidate and build on the teaching skills developed in the introductory training (TTi), as well as develop and extend their personal mindfulness meditation practice. During this course you will also be trained in delivering the Mindfulness for Stress course.

As with TTi, this course enables participants to further their understanding of mindfulness and its applications to human suffering; deepen their personal mindfulness practice; communicate their understanding and experience effectively to others.

Again there will be opportunities to guide meditations and mindful movement; practise delivering key concepts to a group and also to receive feedback.

In addition, there will be sessions on:

Prior to attending the Advanced Training (TTa) you will have completed:

  • Introductory Training (TTi) or Breathworks for MBSR/MBCT teachers
  • All required reading
  • Mindful movement and mindfulness of daily activity diaries
  • Optional: A practice course either on your own, with another trainee or qualified Breathworks teacher.

The course is mainly experiential, conducted in small groups in which we explore our own (students and trainers) processes in mindfulness. Periods of silence are included to support us in deepening our personal mindfulness practice.

Advanced Training Registration Form

If you participated in TT2 during 2013 and you want to book on this event, please check the current student info.

4. Mindful Movement Weekend

A weekend of Mindful Movement is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the movements learnt on Introductory Teacher Training (TTi). The weekends are relaxing and informative, highly praised by participants. Students can attend this event at any point in their training process after attending TTi, and before commencing with a supervised practice course.

Mindful Movement is not an exercise programme about stretching further and holding poses for longer. It will certainly help to improve strength and flexibility, but the main emphasis is on developing a quality of awareness as you move by becoming more mindful.

Regular, gentle movement practised with awareness and care is crucial to a sustainable quality of life. Mindful Movement is a range of conscious physical movements done with awareness. It teaches us to move our bodies within realistic limits and to gradually build strength, stamina and flexibility over time.

This non-residential weekend will help you develop your personal understanding and practice of the movements as well as teach them to others.

On successful completion of the Breathworks Teacher Training Programme participants will be able to:

  • teach the Breathworks Approach to people with chronic pain, stress and illness.
  • seek accreditation as a Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher, enabling you to deliver our Mindfulness for Health (MfH) and Mindfulness for Stress (MfS) courses.

A certificate of attendance will be given on completion of each course.

Testimonials from Previous Training Events

"Provided us with lots of support and encouragement to explore the different ways that people learn, our own strengths and weaknesses, and to develop our own style of teaching."

"Since doing my Breathworks training in 2009, I've done a number of other mindfulness trainings. The Breathworks training was, by far, the most inspiring and enjoyable. Congratulations for the fantastic work, you and the whole team, are doing."

"Really appreciated the practice teaching sessions - excellently handled. Learned a lot."


"I just wanted to take a moment to express how amazing this training retreat turned out to be for me. I know you saw the transformation I experienced on a surface level in terms of my expression of pain (fibromyalgia) and I can attest the internal transformation was even more meaningful and life affirming. Thank you both for creating a space that was so loving and safe to allow for this level of vulnerability. I am really excited about continuing my education and practice of the Breathworks teachings both on a personal level and as part of my ongoing professional practice. I honestly cannot wait to attend the next level of training (more intensive and longer retreat) and only wish that I could just come to the UK this summer. However, I can tell you now to "sign me up" for the next event in the United States in the Spring of 2016. I really believe this model can help so many people and needs to be out there in the community!"

Carolyn Licht, PHD, NYS Licensed Psychologist, New York