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Mindful Movement Level 2

Suitable for: Accredited teachers, students in the training program.

Led by: Padmadarshini

Somatic Movement: Deepening Explorations of Mindful Movement

This event is a weekend for students and teachers who have already attended Introductory Mindful Movement. Please note - this is not a compulsory part of training but caters for those who wish to take their practice further.

''Movement is the unifying bond between mind and body and the sensations are the substance of that bond." (Juhan Deane - "Job's Body")

This weekend will take the Nervous System as a basis for exploring awareness and movement. All the time we are receiving information from the inner environment , the viscera of our body through sensations. All the time we are receiving information from our external environment though our senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching.

This is the realm of the nervous system – a way our body-mind organizes itself and responds to all the information we are receiving.

How do we balance inner and outer, activity and rest, being and doing, the realm of sensing and perceiving and the worlds of language and concepts?

In terms of the nervous system, how do we regulate ourselves and find a balance between the Sympathetic Nervous System and the Parasympathetic Nervous System?

We will ground our explorations in somatic movement enquiries; ways to support and release our brain and nervous system and embodied explorations to find what supports and strengthens a 'relaxed alert state'.

Padmadarshini will offer some 'doorways in' and we will also approach it with a sense of collective enquiry. We will also explore ways of integrating our movement experience through drawing, writing and dialogue. Out of this, we will look at how we might share this approach with others in our teaching and classes.

Padmadarshini teaches yoga and meditation, both classes and retreats. She has recently completed 3 years training with the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy ( IBMT/ ibmt.co.uk).

Next Dates in London for Mindful Movement Level 2:

  • 1st and 2nd July 2017

Venue: Eastbourne House Arts

Cost per weekend:

  • Individual - £300
  • Concessionary - £225

There is a 10% discount for Breathworks student members and accredited teachers.

The movements are especially suited to people with chronic pain, chronic illness or any other situation where more vigorous movements are unsuitable. They serve as a complement to normal exercise programmes in that they train us to deeply inhabit the body as we move and to release habits of contraction and holding around the breath. The movements are all breath-based, that is, breath awareness is central and uses the breath to lead the movements. In this way it creates its own mindfulness practice, as well as helping people to gain greater confidence if their mobility has been compromised.

The aims of the programme are fourfold:

  • to improve awareness as you move so you can take the training into daily life - bringing awareness to lifting, walking, bending, reaching and so on
  • learning to move with the breath rather than habitually holding the breath against movement
  • to gently improve your flexibility
  • to gently improve your strength

The Breathworks mindful movement programme is not an exercise programme, getting you to stretch further or hold poses for longer. Rather, the emphasis is on developing the quality of your awareness as you move by becoming mindful. By becoming sensitive to your body's sensations you can inhabit it more deeply and feel more relaxed, grounded and alive. In this sense Breathworks mindful movements can be seen as a form of gently dynamic meditation.

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