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Breathworks offers teacher training for those interested in teaching mindfulness and compassion to those who need it most. Our training programme will prepare you to teach our two signature courses, Mindflness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress. Both courses draw on the principles and practices of Mindfulness-Based Pain Management (MBPM).

From January 2018, we are launching an improved version of our teacher training programme. Click here to find out more about the changes, including transitional arrangements.

The Training Programme is designed to build your understanding of and skills in:

  • The principles and practices of MBPM
  • Teaching the Breathworks approach to people with chronic pain, long-term health conditions and stress
  • Clearly presenting Breathworks key concepts and facilitating group learning
  • Effectively and confidently guiding meditation practices and mindful movement
  • Supporting course participants in practising mindfulness in daily life
  • Effectively delivering the Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress course curricula

Training Programme Overviews & Pathway Diagrams

Applying for the Training Programme

Please take the time to check that you meet the Breathworks Teacher Training prerequisites before submitting your application.

If you will be doing TTi from January 2018, you will be asked to specify dates in your application for both TTi and the online Orientation Workshop you must complete before TTi.

To complete and submit the online Training Application Form, click here:

Training Application

If you do TTi (introductory teacher training) before the end of 2017:

You’ll be accredited to run our two signature 8-week courses, Mindfulness for Health (MfH) and Mindfulness for Stress (MfS).

If you do TTi from January 2018:

Initially you’ll be accredited to run one of our two signature 8-week courses, Mindfulness for Health (MfH) or Mindfulness for Stress (MfS) (with an option to do further training and become accredited to run both).

Cost of Breathworks Teacher Training

The cost of participating includes training and supervision, accommodation, and materials. For a detailed breakdown of fees. 

  • Click here for a detailed breakdown of fees for trainees completing TTi by the end of 2017.
  • Click here for a detailed breakdown of fees for trainees completing TTi from January 2018.

We have a limited number of Bursary places for people whose financial circumstances are such that they would not be able to afford to train with us otherwise.

The amount of the Bursary is half of any one training retreat which comes from the charitable arm of our business, Breathworks Foundation. So you would need to contribute at least half of our lowest (concessionary) rate:  

In 2018 this is will be £980 for the old style TTa, so we would need you to pay £490 towards your retreat. The contribution you'd need to make to TTi new style training is £600, and for the new style TTa, the amount is £825.

To apply, please complete the Bursary Application Form. 



"I wish to train with Breathworks because I find it very easy to relate to your approach to mindfulness and meditation, both in your literature and CD's, and your method of teaching. The course I have done has been very well organised and set out, introducing me and my group very gradually to what can be quite a complex set of ideas and concepts, so that we haven't felt overwhelmed by information, or left behind. I think that Breathworks' literature and CD's are excellent and very usable too. Breathworks really does offer a comprehensive approach to learning and development, underpinned by a lovely, inclusive ethos, and that is why I want to train with you!" 

Mrs. C., 55, suffered from chronic pain for 23 years

For more testimonials please watch our videos below.

Good Practice Guidelines

Our training organisation is a participating member of the UK Network of Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations.  Our trainees adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines for Trainers and we encourage the teachers we train to adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines for Teachers. 

Mindfulness Teacher Training for Organisations

We can also devise training courses to meet the specific needs of a group or organisation, for example, staff at an NHS Trust.

Contact us on (+44) 0161 834 1110 or email info@breathworks.co.uk for more information.