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Mindfulness Teacher Training - Sydney (2018)

Breathworks is excited to be developing our training programme in Australia.

The Breathworks training programme in Australia and NZ offers teacher training for those interested in learning Mindfulness-Based Pain Management (MBPM) and becoming a Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher, accredited to run our two signature 8-week courses, Mindfulness for Health (MfH) and Mindfulness for Stress (MfS).

The 2018 Breathworks retreat,  in Sydney, will be a will be led by a team Breathworks trainers (supported by two of Breathworks founding directors - Vidyamala Burch* and Sona Fricker).

It is also suitable for:

  • anyone wishing to incorporate mindfulness into their professional practice, as a mindfulness teacher
  • GPs interested in mindfulness teaching. This course provides 40 points for your CPD requirements*

(*GPs can apply for Category 1 QI&CPD points following completion of TTi / Breathworks training as an Individual ALM. Please contact your QI&CPD Program Coordinator in relation to this.)

The full training will be spread over two retreats: TTi in 2018 and TTa the following year. In between you may be able to run your practice course (at the discretion of training team)

The Training Programme is designed to build your understanding of and skills in:

  • The principles and practices of MBPM
  • Teaching MBPM to people with pain, stress, and illness
  • Clearly presenting Breathworks key concepts and facilitating group learning
  • Effectively and confidently guiding meditation practices and mindful movement
  • Supporting course participants in practising mindfulness in daily life
  • Effectively delivering the Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress course curricula

Applying for the Training Programme

In order to apply to Breathworks Teacher Training, you must meet our pre-requisities

In order to apply for Breathworks Teacher Training we ask that you either complete, or have completed within the last two years, one of the following courses:

  • Breathworks Mindfulness for Health 8 week courses. Ideal for people who can get to a course nearby.
  • Breathworks Minfulness for Stress 8 week courses. Ideal for people who can get to a course nearby.
  • Breathworks Mindfulness for Health Online course. Home based group online course enabling you to practise at home and with others.

If you complete an MBSR/MBCT 8 week courses led by a certified MBSR/MBCT teacher you can also apply for Breathworks Teacher Training with the additional pre-requisite of completing a Breathworks online Mindfulness for Health course.

Additionally, we ask that you have a meditation practice of at least one year by the time you attend your first training event. For example, if you have been meditating for 6 months and apply in August to attend our February retreat, you will have been meditating for a year by the time you attend the retreat, which meets the pre-requisite.

For information on pathways to join this event visit http://www.breathworks-mindfulness.org.uk/become-a-teacher/training-pathways

Date: Saturday 3 - 9 Mar 2018 (to be comfirmed)
(start time: registration 12.00 noon followed by lunch at 13.00 - end time: 12.00 noon on Friday)

Costs: Avaialbe soon

Register  Booking final

The cost of participating includes training and supervision, accommodation, and materials.

Location: Vijayaloka Retreat Centre (near Sydney)

Once your application has been approved you will be sent details for registration and booking

Enquiries: Satya Fitzsimmons is dealing with all enquiries and arrangements for this retreat. She will pass on any relevant enquiries to the retreat leaders, Vidyamala and Sona. e: paula.yanis@breathworks.co.uk t: Paula Yanis on +61 (0) 421043397

The Breathworks Training programme is recognised in many countries as high-quality training and fully meets the UK Network Good Practice Guidelines.

To become an accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher you would be required to pay an annual fee

* Vidyamala is committed to honouring all agreed teaching commitments, however, consideration must be given to the unforeseeable nature of her disability.

Preparing for your Teacher Training Retreat

Would you like to help promote this event

If you would like to help breathworks promote this event, then here are some following materials which you could use in both print and digital promotion:

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