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Mindfulness Teacher Training - Dublin, Ireland

In 2016, Breathworks was pleased to announce the delivery of its mindfulness teacher training programme in Ireland for the first time, which has been very well received.  The initiative is being headed by our associate:

Fidelma Farley.  

In 2017 as well as continuing our teacher training program for both existing and new students, we are also delivering our popular 3-day courses for health and social care professionals.

Introduction to Mindfulness as a Healthcare Intervention - 3-day ModuleKaren and Fidelama - Ireland Website

Dates: 16-18th June 2017

Leaders: Karen Hall and Fidelma Farley

Venue: Clonlea Yoga Studio, 28 Sydney Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin


  • Individual - €500
  • Organisation - 600

This module will cover the foundational principles and content of the Mindfulness for Health course. There will also be opportunities over the three days to explore implications of offering the course for existing patients and clients.

The course includes Breathworks key ideas, teaching and methodology for:

  • Primary and Secondary Suffering
  • Blocking and Drowning
  • Five Step Process
  • Breathworks practice of Mindfulness in Daily Life: a pacing method that helps people to avoid flare-ups of pain or other condition.
  • The Breathworks Body Scan and Breathing Anchor practices: taught to particularly suit those living with pain and illness, based on Vidyamala's experience of using mindfulness for her chronic pain.
  • Compassionate Acceptance, Open Heart and Connection meditation practices: compassion meditations developed to suit those with chronic and painful conditions
  • Breathworks System of Mindful Movement
  • Guidance on how to teach meditation specifically for people with pain or illness
  • Using the breath to help soften reactions to pain and to reduce the tension and stress that often accompanies it.

There will also be presentation of the qualitative and quantitative data of Breathworks programme benefits.

*Completion of this module along with a 12-month mindfulness practice is one of the ways to meet the pre-requisites to apply to our Introductory Teacher Training (TTi) in Ireland. The 2017 details of this training course can be found further down the page.

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 Breathworks Teacher Training 2017

The teacher training in Ireland is for anyone with an existing mindfulness practice interested in sharing mindfulness with others. For the first few years, as we work to get the programme off the ground, some aspects will be different from the programme in the UK. Our hope is to build our presence and capacity in Ireland so that, in time, the Ireland and UK programmes will be the same.

Please Note: The programme in Ireland is currently only available to residents of Ireland.

The Pathway

There are a couple of ways to meet the pre-requisite to apply to train as a teacher with Breathworks in Ireland:

Introductory Teacher Training (TTi) - Modular

This six day course in 2 three-day modules includes an in-depth review of key MBPM (Mindfulness-based Pain and Illness Management) concepts with opportunities to practice methods for delivering content, guiding meditations, teaching mindful movement as well as a chance to explore these in your own practice.

TTi Module 1

Dates:  22-24th September 2017

Leaders:  Fidelma Farley and Karen Hall

Venue: Clonlea Yoga Studio, 28 Sydney Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

TTi Module 2

Dates:  24-26th November 2017

Leaders: Fidelma Farleyand Karen Hall

Venue: Clonlea Yoga Studio, 28 Sydney Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Please note you must attend both modules 1 and 2.

Cost for both modules

  • Individual - €1,280
  • Concessionary - €1,000
  • Organisation - €1,560

This training is for anyone who is:

  • interested in learning more about how to incorporate MBPM into their work with people with chronic pain, stress and illness
  • intending to become a Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher accredited to deliver 8-week courses in Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress

Prior to attending you will have:

  • fulfilled one of the above pre-requisites for training with Breathworks in Ireland
  • a regular mindfulness and meditation practice of at least six months
  • read Mindfulness for Health and completed meditation diaries (see preparing for your training)

This course enables participants to:

  • further your understanding of mindfulness and its applications to human suffering
  • deepen your personal mindfulness practice
  • communicate your understanding and experience to others
  • ractice guiding meditations and mindful movement
  • learn how to deliver key concepts
  • The course is mainly experiential, conducted in small groups in which we explore our own (students and trainers) processes in mindfulness. Periods of silence are included to support us in deepening our personal mindfulness practice.

Advanced Teacher Training (TTa)

Upon completion of TTi students will attend advanced training. These dates are still to be announced in Ireland for 2017. Students are also welcome to attend TTa in the UK.

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The Breathworks Training programme is recognised in many countries as high quality training and fully meets the UK Network Good Practice Guidelines.