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Latest News 


2nd October 2017

Volunteer for Breathworks!

Would you or somebody you know be interested in volunteering at Breathworks?  We are recruiting for office/admin volunteers at both our Manchester and London offices, which provides a great opportunity to help others and gain valuable office experience.  Click here for a pdfdescription of the role, and contact Helen Sullivan, 0161 8341110, or email info@breathworks.co.uk to discuss further. We hope to hear from you soon!

3rd July 2017

Mindfulness for Health endorsed by the new ReadingWell for long term conditions scheme (Books on Prescription).

We are delighted to announce 'Mindfulness for Health' by Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman has been endorsed by the new ReadingWell for long term conditions scheme (Books on Prescription).
The national launch coincides with Health Information Week. You can read more about the scheme here.

30th May 2017

Job opportunity at Breathworks: 

Events Administrator - Manchester  

View the Job Advert Here pdfEvents Administrator Advert.pdf130.36 KB

Download the Role Description Here pdfEvents Administrator Job Description158.67 KB.

Closing date 25th June 2017

  • 7th February 2017

Job opportunity at Breathworks:

Marketing and Communication Assistant   Download the Role Description here.

  • 10th October 2016

Breathworks teacher Dr Alessio Agostinis and team wins 'Value for Money Category for their mindfulness programme at the States of Jersey Health and Social Services Quality Improvement Awards

States of Jersey Health and Social Services Quality Improvement Awards

pdfMindfulness for Health Program Report - Jersey Pain Unit by Dr Alessio Agostinis.pdf208.87 KB

  • 22nd September 2016

Job opportunities at Breathworks:

Job opportinuty - Programme coordinator - Manchester Courses   Download the Role Description here.

Job opportinuty - Programme coordinator - Training   Download the Role Description here.

  • 22nd September 2016

  docStudy shows the promise of mindfulness for people living with Long Term Conditions. 

pdfStudy shows the promise of mindfulness for people living with Long Term Conditions.

  • 22nd September 2016

docManchester mindfulness company gives savings of £5.76 to public purse for every £1 invested.

pdfManchester mindfulness company gives savings of £5.76 to public purse for every £1 invested.

  • 8th September 2016

Intern Vacancy: Marketing and Administration Assistant

Breathworks' small but dynamic London team are recruiting an intern to assist with organising and marketing our mindfulness courses.

The role will involve promoting events on social media, distributing flyers, researching new advertising opportunities and updating contact databases. We are looking for somebody who enjoys working in a small team and helping to set up new projects. Our ideal candidate would have strong organisational skills, a flair for verbal and written communication and excellent attention to detail.

Breathworks' core aim is to help people who are suffering from pain, stress and illness. Volunteering with us is an opportunity to develop your marketing and administrative skills, and to work in a team with people who are seeking to become kinder and more mindful, and support each other to grow and develop.

The role is unpaid, but we can reimburse some travel and lunch expenses.

Download the Role Description here.

Time commitment: 1.5 days per week for six months.

Location: West London Buddhist Centre, W2 5DP. Due to the limited availability of desk space in the centre, this role will involve some remote working from home.

Application: To apply, please send a covering letter (max. one page) and CV (max. two pages) to sarah.campbell@breathworks.co.uk. The deadline for applications is 9am on Monday 26th September. Interviews will take place on Wednesday 12th October. Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we will only be able to respond to applications that are shortlisted.

Start date: We are looking for someone to start as soon as possible after the interview, ideally in mid to late October.

  • Article on the NW launch of the Mindful Nation UK report from the National Health Executive

Mindfulness therapy could save NHS money and reduce staff stress

  • Dr Colette Power, Breathworks Senior Trainer on BBC Radio Manchester Breakfast show talking about the NW Launch of the Mindful Nation UK report

North West Launch of the Mindful Nation UK on BBC Radio

  • Prolific North - North West launch of Mindful Nation UK to take place at Media City 

North West Launch of the Mindful Nation to take place at Media City

  • Australian Women Online

Review of Vidyamala's new book: Mindfulness for Women by Vidyamala Burch & Claire Irvin

Review of Mindfulness for Women in Australia

  • APPG Mindful Nation Report Launch for Manchester and the North West

On February 22nd, at Media City, is the North West launch of the Mindful Nation UK report, the first regional event to explore the implications, benefits and challenges of the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group' (MAPPG) Mindful Nation UK report with organisations from across the North West meeting to discuss mindfulness. To find out more please click here.

De-stress in the time it takes the boil the kettle: Forget expensive therapy. A new book shows you how to relax quickly

  • Mindfulness for Women by Vidyamala Burch and Claire Irvin was published by Piatkus as a Trade Paperback on 4th February 2016

A book and CD/audio download package offering the perfect introduction to mindfulness meditation for time-pressed women who want an accessible way in to the benefits of mindfulness

No matter who we are, or what stage of life we are at, we all long for similar things; to be happy, connected with others, in touch with a sense of calm and peace, vital, alive and joyful. And we long to be able to ride out the tough patches that hit all of us from time to time with some degree of grace and dignity.

The good news is that we can fulfil these longings at any time, in any place. They are only a moment away, a breath away. We can learn how to be comfortable with our body, know and understand our mind, and love our heart. It isn't difficult, long-winded or time-consuming. In doing so you'll feel happier in your own skin, less stressed, more confident, more capable and more at ease with yourself and life.

Mindfulness for Women is a practical guide to coming home to yourself in each present moment. The benefits include:

  • a potent antidote to anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion and irritability
  • a greater sense of contentment; mindfulness can also reduce addictive and self-destructive behavioural patterns
  • Fast and solutions-based – evidence shows that a little mindfulness goes a long way
  • Bespoke course – can be dipped into to suit your life and priorities now and well into the future

Vidyamala Burch is founder and co-Director of Breathworks, an organisation offering mindfulness-based and compassion-based approaches to living well with chronic pain, illness and stress. This is based on her own experience of living with severe back pain for most of her adult life, following a spinal injury in her teens that resulted in partial paraplegia. In 1985 she started to meditate and is now an experienced meditation teacher who works internationally. She offers wise and practical guidance in how to bring mindfulness and kindness to experience so one can 'live well' with a free and relaxed mind, whatever the circumstances.

Claire Irvin is a journalist and leading magazine editor. Latterly, she was Editor of SHE magazine, where she was responsible for a critically acclaimed relaunch. Prior to SHE, Irvin was Editor at Large of weekly glossy Grazia. Claire is perfectly positioned to demonstrate how the practice of mindfulness can benefit time-pressed women handling all of the pressures of modern life. Via diary entries throughout the book, you can see how Claire has appropriated mindfulness to work successfully and beneficially within a hectic schedule.

  • The Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG) report, Mindful Nation UK, was launched at an event in parliament this week after 18 months of hard work by dozens of parliamentarians, experts and volunteers.

To read the report and download it please click on the PDF copy below.

Mindful Nation UK

  • BBC News Online - 20th October 2015 - Vidyamala Burch from Breathworks appears in BBC Breakfast feature for the launch of the Mindful Nation Report

'MP's call for mindfulness to be made more available'


  • Response to the launch of the Mindful Nation UK Report

Vidyamala Burch, Founder and Director of Breathworks, the mindfulness social enterprise featured in Mindful Nation UK, is a leading expert on health and mindfulness.

Vidyamala created Breathworks' Mindfulness Based Pain Management programmes through trialling on her own health issues of chronic pain, she has taught thousands of people to become mindful teachers themselves, and has worked with countless others so that they are able to use mindfulness-based practises to ease their physical and mental suffering.

Vidyamala, on the launch of Mindful Nation UK, says:

'Myself and my colleagues are incredibly proud to be part of this significant report and it is very exciting that mindfulness is now being recognised at such a high level of authority in the UK. This is a real endorsement for Breathworks and for all the other individuals and organisations who have worked for decades to understand and promote the practice of mindfulness, all the while knowing how incredibly effective it can be.'

The beauty of mindfulness is that not only is it a natural human capacity, but it is cheap, portable and has profound benefits for those who choose to train in it. Through my work at Breathworks, I have had the privilege to see thousands of people have their lives turn round through practising mindfulness, people who previously believed that their lives were all but ruined because of chronic pain, illnesses or addictions.

It has long been a dream of mine that mindfulness would be available to anyone who was suffering and now this might be a reality. This Report states that by expanding mindfulness provision in the NHS £15 for every £1 spent could be saved. What more can be asked of mindfulness, which is a simple practise that teaches us to be more kindly aware of the present moment?

My colleagues and I give our full support to the launch of the Mindful Nation UK and we hope that now is the time that the potential of mindfulness is more fully understood. We hope that mindfulness training and practises take the places they deserve throughout UK services and institutions and society at large.'

For more information contact: Elaine Brass, elaine.brass@breathworks.co.uk, 07951 989 588

  • Vidyamala leads session in global mindfulness conference

On the 14th October, Vidyamala Burch, Founder and Director of Breathworks, is leading a session at The Mindfulness Summit, a not-for-profit project with a mission to make mindfulness mainstream.

The Summit, which is free and runs throughout October, is hosted each day by different mindfulness leaders and spiritual luminaries from around the world, inc. Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dr Mark Williams, Ruby Wax and Tara Brach.

So far, 200,000 people from around the world are taking part in the Summit, with over $100,000 (Australian) raised to go out to key charities, of which Breathworks' charity – The Breathworks Foundation, is one.

On the 14th October, Vidyamala, who is a leading expert on pain management and mindfulness and created Breathworks Mindfulness Based Pain Management programmes through trialling on her own health issues of chronic pain, partial paraplegia and a degenerative spinal condition over four decades, will be talking about treating pain with kindness and compassion, and how mindfulness can help bring back the joy in life for those living with chronic conditions.

Vidyamala says: 'It is such a privilege to be part of The Mindfulness Summit, especially to be alongside all these other mindfulness advocates who have worked over decades, as I have, to try to show to people the positive impact that mindfulness can have in so many areas of our lives, particularly from my perspective, on health and pain.

I think hats off to the creators of The Mindfulness Summit for believing in mindfulness so much and for having the vision to bring this together and to make it to accessible to anyone around the world.'

Melli O'Brien, (mrsmindfulness.com) who is a founding partner of The Mindfulness Summit, says: "We wanted to find a way to make high quality mindfulness training free and extremely accessible, and we did this through The Mindfulness Summit.

This is an opportunity to learn mindfulness from the world's most respected teachers, so we urge everyone out there to log on to www.themindfulnesssummit.com and learn how to live with more peace, purpose & wisdom.'

For more information contact Elaine Brass on elaine.brass@breathworks.co.uk or 07951 989 588.

  • Listen to Vidyamala being interviewed by Sister Jenna on the America Meditating Radio show

  America Meditating Radio Show

  • Three new videos from Vidyamala talking about what mindfulness is, Breathworks and her own experience

             Take me to Breathworks YouTube channel

  • 23 September 2014 - Mindfulness for Health wins Popular Medicine Category at BMA Medical Book Awards
    pdfBW9 - winner

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