Samantha Toon

About Me:

LivingImage of Accredited Breathworks Teacher Samantha Toon in today's world isn't easy. It can all feel too much sometimes and that's why I'm passionate about teaching mindfulness and self-compassion. Awareness and kindness are two of the most effective tools I've found for managing the whirlwind that is life in the 21st Century. Through awareness we see it all clearly and with kindness we learn to approach it gently and productively.

I've worked in many challenging, professional environments in the past, so I love to work with businesses and individuals to improve workplace well being.

I offer the signature Breathworks 8 week courses (Mindfulness for stress and Mindfulness for health) as well as bespoke workshops and courses and 121 coaching.

Most of my work takes place in Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire area.

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City: Leeds
County: West Yorkshire
Country: United Kingdom
  • Mindfulness for Health courses
  • Mindfulness for Stress courses
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • One to One Sessions
  • Mindful Parenting