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Resources for readers of Mindfulness for Health

  • Chapter four - more information on Breathing: The breath forms the basis of the whole Breathworks approach to mindfulness for health. We recommend you read The Breathing Book by Donna Farhi if you want more information. Vidyamala has also written a document that goes into the physiology of breathing in more detail, including an introduction to the three diaphragms that are important in full-body breathing. Here is led meditation exploring the three diaphragms in a lot of detail.
  • Chapter four - extra Body Scans: We have recorded several alternative versions of the Body Scan so you can choose whether you scan from head to toe, or vice versa, or start at the abdomen. There is no advantage to any particular approach - simply follow the body scan that works best for you or try different approaches for variety. Find various Body Scan downloads
  • Chapter five - extra Breathing Anchor meditations: We have recorded several alternative versions of the Breathing Anchor meditations. These include counting the breath, using imagery, or a version with less guidance. There is no advantage to any particular approach - simply follow the meditation that works best for you. Find various Breathing Anchor downloads

The full Breathworks programme contains a range of movements that can be performed lying down, sitting or standing. It is available as a Mindful Movement pack that includes a booklet, DVD and two audio Cds with 6 x 20 minute sequences. We encourage you to try the different sequences to find a mindful movement programme that is most effective for your body.

  • Find a Breathworks Course: We offer courses that are based on the Mindfulness for Health book as well as our Mindfulness for Stress courses which are based on the same general principles but slightly adapted for people with busy lives who are seeking peace of mind. We also offer an online Introduction to Mindfulness course which we have developed in conjunction with the Mindfulness Center in Sweden

Mindfulness for Health

You can follow the course in the Mindfulness for Health book in the company of like-minded people and under the guidance of a qualified Breathworks teacher. This will greatly enhance your learning and experience, and you will also be introduced to additional material and longer meditations. Find a course near you

Our online course is for you if you don’t live near a course location or are unable to attend for any other reason e.g you are housebound through your pain, fatigue or illness. You can follow this course on your own with very clear week by week instructions. 

We would recommend that you join our online course with the support of a worldwide web based group that means you connect with like-minded people under the guidance of an accredited Breathworks teacher. 

Mindfulness for Stress

You can follow our Mindfulness for Stress course in the company of like-minded people and under the guidance of a qualified Breathworks teacher. Find a course near you

This is a clear introduction to mindfulness principles and practice. You have 8-12 weeks to complete the course after purchasing your log in and you will have the opportunity to practice two 10 minute meditation practices a day and listen to two short talks each week. More details

Meet Vidyamala Burch, Breathworks Co-Founder2