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 Next meeting of all Qualified Breathworks Mindfulness Teachers

  • TBA

As many of you already know, this year has been a big one for Breathworks. In early September, we launched a brand new website and Vidyamala published her second book, Mindfulness for Health. We've revised our courses and training programme to align with the material in the book and are eager to update you on the changes. Therefore, we invite you to attend what we plan will become an annual meeting of Breathworks teachers.

The aim of this all day gathering is to network; receive and review updated course material; and practise together.

Staying qualified

This meeting is compulsory for all Breathworks teachers who wish to remain qualified to teach the two signature Breathworks 8-week courses: Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress. If you are unable to attend, please contact the office.

The cost to attend is TBA

Times: TBA

Venue: TBA

To register: please fill out this form

To pay:

Teacher Membership Fee

In order to ensure that your annual membership fee goes directly to supporting activities that benefit qualified teachers, we have made some important changes to how you pay your fees. Starting in January, 2014 all fees will go directly to Breathworks CIC, rather than the Breathworks Foundation. All qualified teachers will be asked to pay this fee on an annual basis in order to remain qualified.

Annual membership fee £80

Alternatively set up a standing order by contacting the Breathworks office t:0161 834 1110

Meet Vidyamala Burch, Breathworks Co-Founder2