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Mindfulness for Health - 8-week courses in Manchester suitable for those new to mindfulness
Are you living with pain, fatigue or long-term illness? The Mindfulness for Health course consists of 8 weekly or 4 fortnightly afternoon sessions within a friendly and supportive group for those living with pain, ill health, fatigue and associated stress. Based on the British Medical Association award-winning book, ‘Mindfulness for Health’. Click for more info and to book.

  • April 1 – May 20
  • Jun 7, 21 + July 5, 19
  •  Sep 3 – Oct 22
  •  Oct 3, 17, 31 + Nov 14
  •  Oct 29 – Dec 17

Cost £200/£150 concessionary

Mindfulness for Stress - 8-week courses suitable for those new to mindfulness

Experiencing stress due to work, family or relationships? Or do you want to learn strategies to deal with the general complexity and pace of modern life? This course of 4 fortnightly sessions will help you. Click for more info and to book.

Dates in 2015

  • Mar 29 + Apr 12, 26, May 10
  • April 19 + May 3, 17, 31
  • Sep 6, 20 + Oct 4, 18
  • (Sep 13, 27 + Oct 11, 25)
  • Nov 1, 15, 29 + Dec 13
  • Nov 8, 22 + Dec 6, 20

Cost £240/£180 concessionary

*Dates in brackets are contigent on earlier courses being fully booked

Practice Days (10am-4pm) for those who have completed an 8-week Breathworks course:

Have you recently completed a 8-week Breathworks mindfulness course? Spend a whole day practicing mindfulness, but don’t worry – these days are gentle, restful, by the end of which you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Click here for more info and to book.

Dates in 2015: Mar 8th, June 28th, August 23rd, Dec 20th

Cost £60/£40 concessionary

Half-Day Mindfulness Refreshers (2-5pm) – Monthly afternoon classes, suitable for open to mindfulness teachers and anyone who has done an 8-week course

Nearly everyone who attends a mindfulness course gets a lot out of it, but what happens when the course finishes? An afternoon of mindfulness will help revive your practice and inspire you to keep going. Click here for more info and to book.

Dates in 2015: Feb 14th , Mar 14th, Apr 18th , May 23rd, Jun 20th, Jul 11th, Aug 8th, Sep 12, Oct 10th, Nov 28th , Dec 12th

Cost: £30/£20


Mindfulness for Health Online
March 02, April 07, May 04, June 01  


Suitable for Breathworks Mindfulness Teachers, MBCT/MBST Teachers and Graduates of 8-week courses

This retreat provides an excellent way for mindfulness teachers to fulfil the good practice requirement to participate in an annual residential teacher-led mindfulness meditation retreat. It is also open to 8-week course graduates who wish to go deeper with their practice.

July 25-31 Meditation Retreat Adhisthana, Herefordshire, UK Costs £820/720/620 (Org/Ind/Con)


Introduction to Mindfulness and Compassion Training for Health and Social Care Professionals – further details forthcoming

Are you a health or social care professional who is interested in learning mindfulness? Would you like to incorporate mindfulness and compassion in to your work with clients or patients? These courses offer a detailed introduction to mindfulness led by leading mindfulness teachers and Breathworks founders

Dates Title City Teacher Price (Org/Ind)

  • Mar 30 – April 1.  Intro to Mindfulness, Manchester, Vidyamala and Son,a £520/£420
  • July 13 – 17, Compassion Training, Manchester ,Vidyamala and Sona, £520/£420
  • Sept 14 – 16 Intro to Mindfulness London Sona and Alison Purnell£600/£480
  • Oct 19 – 21 Compassion Training LondonVidyamala and Sona £600/£480


Breathworks Teacher Training Programme - for those wishing to become a qualified Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher

Established in 2001, Breathworks is the leading independent training organisation for mindfulness in the UK; we offer a number of pathways to introduce you to the Breathworks approach to mindfulness (MBPM). During Breathworks Teacher Training, you will learn Mindfulness-Based Pain, Stress and Illness Management (MBPM) approaches, which will allow you to teach our signature ‘Mindfulness for Health’ and ‘Mindfulness for Stress’ courses, giving people practical skills that can help with physical and psychological health problems. Click here for more info.

DatesCourse Title City Teacher Price (Org/Ind/Con)

Feb 18 – 20 Modular Training TTiManchester, UK Gary and Colette£520/420/320

Feb 20 – 27 Australia Training Retreat Nr Sydney, Australia Vidyamala and Sona $1995/1795/1495

Feb 21-22 Mindful Movement WeekendManchester, UK Padmadarshini£320/275/200

Mar 16 – 18Modular Training TTi Manchester, UKGary and Fidelma £520/420/320

Mar 20 – 27 Residential Training Retreat Taraloka, UK Team£1480/1180/880

April 25-26 Mindful Movement WeekendManchester, UKPadmadarshini£320/275/200

May 8 – 15 Residential Training Retreat Adhisthana, UK Team£1480/1180/880

May 27 – 29 Modular Training TTi LondonGary and Fidelma £620/520/420

June 5 -12 Residential Training Retreat Taraloka, UK Team£1480/1180/880

June 19 – 26 USA Residential Training Retreat California, USA Vidyamala and SinghashriTBA

July 20 – 22 Modular Training TTi LondonGary and Alison £620/520/420

Sep 25 – Oct 2 Resdential Training Retreat Adhisthana, UKTeam£1480/1180/880

Nov 13 - 20 Residential Training Retreat Taraloka, UKTeam £1480/1180/880

Dec 2-4 Modular Training TTa Manchester, UK Gary and Cate £520/420/320

Dec 16 – 18 Modular Training TTa Manchester, UK Gary and Colette £520/420/320

Date TBA Mindful Movement WeekendLondonTBA£360/320/240

Events for MBSR/MBCT and other mindfulness teachers:

Are you an MBCT or MBSR teacher? This popular 3-day non-residential course will provide you with a detailed framework for helping people with chronic pain and illness to live well and flourish Based on the BMA award-winning book, ‘Mindfulness for Health’

DatesCourse Title City Teacher

April 10-12 MBSR/MBCT Workshop Manchester Vidyamala £520/420

May 22 – 24 MBSR/MBCT Workshop New YorkVidyamala

July 25-31 Meditation Retreat Adhisthana Vidyamala, Gary and Sona £820/720/620

Oct 30 – Nov 1MBSR/MBCT WorkshopLondon Vidyamala £600/480

Dec 4-6 MBSR/MBCT Workshop BirminghamVidyamala£520/42

CPD Events for Breathworks Teachers

A series of CPD events for Breathworks-accredited teachers.

TBA Compassion Masterclass (1 day)

TBA Enquiry (2 days)

TBA Learning Styles and Teaching Methods (2 days)

July 25-31 Meditation Retreat Adhisthana Vidyamala, Gary and Sona £820/720/620


Dates Event Title City  
Jan  23 - 30     Residential Training Retreat Taraloka Retreat Centre, UK Details
Feb 18 -20         

Meet Vidyamala Burch, Breathworks Co-Founder2