Breathworks Awarded Covid Impact Fund for Manchester Courses

Breathworks has been awarded funding from Manchester City Council to run our Take Back Your Life course for free to adults in Manchester in 2021. Read more

3 Mindfulness Tips for the End of Lockdown and 'Re-Entry Anxiety'

With lockdown restrictions easing, here are some mindfulness tips to help you stay sane! Read more

Why I am Choosing to Re-enter Isolation

Why I am Choosing to Re-enter Isolation Breathworks’ Co-founder Vidyamala shares her plans for a two-month long solitary retreat (read to the end for a lesson on living without expectation) Read more

How Nature Can Support Good Mental Wellbeing

Next week, from 10 – 16 May, we honour Mental Health Awareness Week, the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health. This year the theme is on nature and its central role for our mental health. Read more

5 Reasons why Mindfulness Can Help with Pain Management

Breathworks Co-Founder, Vidyamala, shares from her 40 years of exploration into how mindfulness can help with pain management. Read more

Mindfulness for Covid 'Long-Haulers'

For those who have survived Covid-19, fatigue and other difficult symptoms seem to be common. This blog gives some hope and some tips for those 'long-haulers' struggling after the virus. Read more

Mindfulness HEALS during a pandemic

Vidyamala reflects on how she's handled the increasing difficulty of managing pain during lockdown, and explains her approach with an acronym: HEALS. Read more

Reflections on Becoming a Mindfulness Teacher

Breathworks Teacher Rabia shares her journey with Breathworks' Teacher Training, and her advice for anybody thinking of following the same path. Read more

Vidyamala's Micro-Blog - Managing Lockdown with a Disability 2

Last time I used 37 words and I got this comment from Bridget: "37 words - a big relief in the sea of online 'stuff' we're all bombarded with at the moment. Can you make it 36 next time?!" So here's my 36 word micro blog on managing lockdown with a disability. Read more

Vidyamala's Micro-Blog: Managing Lockdown with a Disability

Vidyamala wanted to write a blog about lockdown with disability, but has been too preoccupied with managing it recently, so here is her 37-word micro-blog, which says everything she wanted to say. Read more

Connections in Lockdown

Breathworks teacher Fiona MacCallum reflects on the resources available to help us surf the waves of difficulty during this nation-wide lockdown. Read more