Breathworks in Poland

Breathworks Teacher Dawid talks about how he's spread the Breathworks approach to Poland by teaching courses in Kraków. Read more

Creativity on Retreat

A beautiful blog from professional classical musician Lee Holland on playing music on retreat, being embodied, being vulnerable, and expressing oneself authentically. Read more

Breathworks Founder On Cycling for Charity at 70

Cycling 50 Kms in the middle of the night. You’re kidding, right? Whose daft idea was that? Surely it’s time to put my feet up and take it easy at my age. Hmm. It seems that’s not the way things are going, and I’m now heading up a team of Breathworks cyclists to complete the 50 km Liverpool Charity Nightrider. Read more

Breathworks Expands to Brazil

Leandro Pizutti is a Breathworks Teacher and psychiatrist working in Brazil. He was the lead researcher on a recently published study on the benefits of the Mindfulness for Stress course for health professionals. Here he discusses how he came to be involved with Breathworks and shares some of the amazing work he's been doing in Brazil. Read more

Presence at the End - Mindfulness at St. Michael's Hospice

A Personal Account of mindfulness teaching in St. Michael's hospice in Hereford by Palliative Care Staff Nurse and Breathworks Teacher, Gail Read more

The Breathworks Foundation Spreads its Wings

The Breathworks Foundation provides some exciting updates about upcoming fundraising opportunities and successes. Read more

Tinnitus and Mindfulness

Suryadaya shares her touching journey with tinnitus, the many unexpected difficulties it has introduced to her life, and how mindfulness has helped her to manage it, and to continue to live with appreciation and joy. Read more

Painfully Beautiful - Healing with Compassion

It was after 20 years of suffering, having thoughts & feelings of suicide and self-destructive behaviour that I learned to manage my mental health conditions - here's how. Read more

Solitary Retreat Tales

Vidyamala shares the story of her recent 7-week solitary meditation retreat. Read more

Reaching out to Indians from England; leading a transcontinental online Mindfulness for Health course

Breathworks Teacher Rohini shares what inspired her to become a mindfulness teacher, tells the story of her teaching on the online Mindfulness for Health course, and what she's learned. Read more

Making Mindfulness Available to Everyone

Karunatara shares the extraordinary work of The Breathworks Foundation, sharing the life-changing skills of mindfulness and compassion with those in pain, and how you can help. Read more

Experiments in Beating the Negativity Bias

Breathworks Trainee Teacher Alison discusses the nuisances of the 'negativity bias', and some experiments she's tried to overcome it, and spend more time looking on the lighter side. Read more