Somatic Explorations to Balance and Regulate our Nervous Systems.

Life is Movement, Movement is Life


All the time we are receiving information from the inner environment, the viscera of our body through sensations. All the time we are receiving information from our external environment, though our senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. 

This is the realm of the nervous system - the way our body-mind organizes itself and responds to all the information we are receiving. 

How do we balance inner and outer, activity and rest, being and doing, sensing and perceiving and the worlds of language and concepts?

How do we regulate ourselves and find balance between the Sympathetic Nervous System with its tendency towards activity, and the Parasympathetic Nervous System with its tendency towards calm and rest? 

Online Mindfulness CPD - Sympathetic Nervous System

During the weekend we will explore how the body is a very dynamic ‘instrument’ of awareness and experience, how it is in a continual state of movement. This ranges from larger obvious movements right down to continual movements within cells with the exchange of gases and fluid. 

How can we use awareness to engage these movements in a trend towards healing and openness rather than contraction and rigidity? How can we release our awareness into a more fluid and open experience of our internal reality and how it interacts with the world around us? 

We will ground all our explorations in somatic movement enquiries; simple ways to support and release our brain and nervous system and embodied explorations to find what supports and strengthens a 'relaxed alert state'. We will learn some simple but lovely movement practices you can use yourself and also share with others.

During this online weekend retreat we will explore a mix of theory and practice, so please wear loose comfortable clothing.

Event Schedule

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Welcome & introduction to the retreat


(There will be regular screen breaks throughout the day)



Guided meditation

(the guided meditation will be approx 30 mins with the opportunity to sit on for those who’d like to)



Morning session



Afternoon session



Guided practice

(with options to move if you need to during this period)




Guided meditation

(the guided meditation will be approx 30 mins with the opportunity to sit on for those who’d like to)



Morning session




Who is this event for

The retreat is suitable for people coming for their own personal benefit, as well as mindfulness, yoga or movement teachers. Others who wish to incorporate awareness of the nervous system and the power of mindful movement into their work with others are also very welcome. This includes NHS Staff and other Health Professionals.

Mindfulness teachers and practitioners can use this as a CPD opportunity. A certificate of attendance with 11 hours CPD will be available on request.  

What will people gain from attending

A deeper understanding of the nervous system and how mindfulness and movement practices can provide profound methods to help regulate our nervous system so it can function optimally.

Please note that we usually record our online CPD events for training purposes and so that we can widen the pool of people we can make the learning experience available to after the event. If you don't wish to be recorded, please feel free to switch off your video and/or audio during the event.

Meet the Retreat Leaders


Yoga teacher, somatic movement and developer of the Breathworks approach to mindful movement.  

Padmadarshini has a long history of working with the body. As a teenager, she discovered that movement helped her manage the stresses of life. She trained as a yoga teacher and in a variety of other styles and approaches over the years.  She teaches Somatic Yoga at Bodywise Natural health centre in Manchester and Movement and Bodywork on retreats in Scotland and Sussex. She has worked alongside Vidyamala to develop the Breathworks Mindful Movement programme. In recent years she has completed a 3-year training in Integrative Movement and Bodywork. 

She is really interested in supporting people to find greater ease and connection to themselves through body awareness and movement. Her approach is exploratory,  gentle, creative and fun. She takes care to create a safe space where we can slow down and really take time to listen to how our bodies want to move. 


Vidyamala Burch Breathworks Mindfulness Founder

Vidyamala Burch

Originally from New Zealand, Vidyamala sustained life-changing spinal injuries in her teens.

35 years ago she started exploring mindfulness and meditation to help her manage her pain and disability and she has been a dedicated practitioner since that time.

In 2001 she started running mindfulness courses and in 2003 co-founded Breathworks, an internationally successful organisation dedicated to offering mindfulness and compassion to people suffering from pain, illness and stress

Vidyamala’s vision in establishing Breathworks was to translate ancient Buddhist practices into language that is accessible to anyone living with difficult circumstances - regardless of faith, culture or race. Her particular interest is how to work with physical suffering, but her approach can be applied to working with any sort of pain or difficulty. There are now nearly 500 Breathworks teachers in over 35 countries.

Vidyamala teaches and speaks internationally. She specializes in mindfulness and compassion retreats and workshops.

She has written several books:

  • the best-selling Mindfulness for Health – a practical guide to relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring well-being (with Danny Penman
  • Living well with Pain and Illness – the mindful way to free yourself from suffering
  • Mindfulness for Women - declutter your mind, simplify your life, find time to ‘be’ (with Claire Irvin).

She has also published a number of guided meditation CDs and DVDs and is featured on several apps including Insight Timer.


We're offering four different pricing options to those wishing to join us, and asking participants to pay the highest sustainable amount that they can, so that we can offer places at a reduced cost to those less able to afford a place. The average cost per person per day to Breathworks to offer a programme is £120.

£30 Scholarship rate
£80 Reduced rate
£120 Individual rate
£150 Supporter's rate - pays for yourself and one scholarship for another

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