Autumn is the time when nature starts to let go, to return to the earth what has flowered and fruited and faded. Nature knows when to let go, but we tend to hold on, unaware of what it's time for us to let go of, or fearing what will happen if we do. And yet when we lay down some of the unnecessary baggage we’ve been carrying around, we move more freely in our minds, our hearts and in the world.

On this day retreat, we’ll take our cue from the arrival of Autumn to start letting go of what we no longer need, e.g., thought patterns that don’t serve us well, ideas about who we are that no longer fit, self-critical judgements that undermine us.

In meditation, we continually practice letting go, moment by moment. We let go of clinging - to thoughts, to sounds, to pleasant sensations, to expectations, to plans. We’ll bring our attention during the day to these micro-moments of letting go and bringing an intentional focus to particular things we’d like to loosen our hold on.

We’ll also pay attention to how ready we are to let go. We can be at very different stages in the process and part of the purpose of the retreat will be to be more aware of where we are in that process of letting go.

Guided meditations and space for reflections will support and guide you throughout the day.

Who is this event for

Anyone with mindfulness practice or interest in mindfulness.

What will you gain from this event

  • A day of immersion in mindfulness practice.
  • Tools for working within meditation.
  • Opportunities for reflection on your habits and your thoughts.
  • Connection with other mindfulness practitioners.


Online retreat - hosted via video conference software Zoom (how to use Zoom here).


Start time: Friday 3rd September, 19:00 

End Time: Saturday 4th September, 17:30

(UK time; see this Time Zone Converter for your time zone)

Event Schedule

Friday 3rd September



Welcome & introduction to the retreat

Saturday 4th September

There will be regular screen breaks throughout the day



Morning meditation and mindful movement



Personal time; breakfast, walk in nature, exercise



Morning session (includes a break)



Personal time; lunch, relaxation and time spent in nature



Afternoon session (includes a break)



Personal time; time spent in nature



Final reflections, gratitude, appreciation, and close



How to prepare for online retreat

Here are a few useful tips that will help you to organise your time and space before and during the retreat:

  • Please wear loose and comfy clothing
  • To help create a sense of being on retreat, please un-plug from as many distractions as possible. We recognise you'll be online during the retreat accessing the zoom room but if you can stay off other digital distractions this will help you feel on 'retreat at home'. Likewise, if appropriate, please let anyone you live with know that you'll be on retreat and create as spacious a context as possible.
  • If possible please prepare snacks and lunch in advance so you don't need to get busy in the kitchen during the event. Again this will help you feel more in retreat model.

Meet the Retreat Leader

Fidelma Farley

Fidelma has been teaching Breathworks courses and workshops since 2008, to individuals with conditions ranging from back pain to neuropathic pain, to M.E. and fibromyalgia, to Motor Neurone Disease, and to groups with M.S. and M.E., as well as people with stress, anxiety, and anyone interesting in enhancing their quality of life. Her mindfulness practice has enhanced and transformed her life and her teaching stems from a desire for others to have the opportunity to experience the same benefits.

As well as the Mindfulness for Health and Stress courses, Fidelma has developed a Mindful Eating workshop, and a five week course on the Loving Kindness practice. She also works regularly with people on an individual basis. Fidelma plans to introduce Breathworks training retreats and courses to Ireland in 2016. Her courses and workshops place a particular emphasis on kindness to oneself and others, and on creating a warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere.


We're offering four different pricing options to those wishing to join us, and asking participants to pay the highest sustainable amount that they can, so that we can offer places at a reduced cost to those less able to afford a place. 

Scholarship rate £17.50 
Reduced rate £42.50
Individual rate £62.50

Supporter's rate 

pays for yourself and help support a scholarship for another


Reduced rate (Concession rate)

There are a limited number of reduced places which are available to people in financial hardship. As a guide we suggest this applies to people with an income of less than £17,000 a year, or less than £20,000 if you live in London. If your annual income is higher than this and would like to discuss your eligibility for a concessionary place for other reasons, please contact us.

Please note that we usually record our online CPD events for training purposes and so that we can widen the pool of people we can make the learning experience available to after the event. If you don't wish to be recorded, please feel free to switch off your video and/or audio during the event.

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Ticket Quantity Price

Concession - Scholarship Rate - Retreat Sept 2021

Decrease Increase £17.50

Concession - Reduced Rate - Retreat Sept 2021

Decrease Increase £42.50

Individual Rate - Retreat Sept 2021

Decrease Increase £62.50

Individual - Support rate- Retreat Sept 2021

Decrease Increase £75.00