We are delighted to introduce an online version of our Mindful Movement workshop. This online Mindful Movement workshop in a virtual group will be a perfect alternative for Breathworks trainee teachers or anyone else who might find it hard to access a face-to-face Mindful Movement workshop, those living far from our retreat venues, or anyone who simply prefers this way of learning.

This online Mindful Movement workshop will cover all of the same material as a standard face-to-face Mindful Movement workshop, and will fully satisfy Breathworks trainees’ Mindful Movement requirement. It will led by one of our experienced Mindful Movement training team.


Part 1: A live online workshop day covering all the basics of Mindful Movement and leading you through several sequences of movements. The day runs from 10am to 4pm, with an hour away from your screen at lunchtime, plus regular breaks. Please wear comfortable clothes as there’s an emphasis on practice during this day.

Part 2: A period of self-study, deepening your own Mindful Movement practice, practising teaching Mindful Movements to others, and completing a couple of short assignments reflecting on all of this. You’ll need to allow about 5 hours for this self-study at times to suit you during the 2-3 weeks between the live training sessions. (If you’re not a Breathworks trainee, you won’t need to do the teaching practice part of the self-study.)

Part 3: A 2-hour live online plenary session with your trainer and fellow learners to pull together all of the threads of the learning.

To participate in this online TTi training event you will need access to the internet via a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Sorry, this event is now sold out.