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"It has really helped me deal with work stress and I can't recommend the course enough."

On the Mindfulness Champions Training you will learn to lead simple mindfulness meditation practices with competence and confidence, and to apply mindfulness in your work.

It isn’t a formal mindfulness teacher training, but it’s aimed at anyone who wants to draw on mindfulness practices in their work, for example as a health professional, mental health professional, in 1:1 work with clients, or to introduce mindfulness to others in their workplace.

You’ll get clear guidance in leading simple mindfulness practices, encouragement, and a chance to practice in a supportive environment. 

We'll also explore how you can work more mindfully and bring mindfulness into your workplace.

The focus is understanding the qualities that are encouraged through mindfulness practice, and learning to lead techniques and practices that support this.

The course will be led by Vishvapani Blomfield. He’s an author, broadcaster and advocate for mindfulness who has taught over 130 mindfulness courses and developed the Mindfulness Champions Training.

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Who Is Champions Training For? 

  • Workplace Mindfulness Champions - for those who wish to confidently introduce the practice and many benefits of mindfulness with clear guidance, utilising an effective framework for sharing concepts and practices with others.

  • Professionals wanting to use mindfulness within their work e.g. counsellors and healthcare workers, who are professionally qualified and have appropriate training and supervision.

  • Peer-support group leaders in the community e.g. mental health support groups, drug rehab support groups who work within an established framework of peer support training and supervision.

  • Those who want to provide an introduction to mindfulness and/or ongoing support to others in their workplace.

To join the course participants need to have completed a recognised mindfulness course of at least 6 weeks with a qualified mindfulness teacher and established a regular practice of mindfulness.

About the Course


Session One - Breath and Body Awareness

Introducing the Mindfulness Champions Model; moving from thinking mode to sensing mode; posture; learning to lead a short meditation on exploring the breath in pairs.

Session Two - Grounding Ourselves and Being Curious

The Three Emotional Systems (a model drawing on neuroscience that explains what happens when we calm ourselves);  encouraging safety, contentment and connection; leading mindfulness of the breath in pairs.

Session Three - Mindfulness at Work

Exploring how to bring mindfulness into a workplace, and how to work mindfully (this material can vary according to the group); leading the Breathing Space meditation in pairs.

Session Four - Mindful Movement and Looking Ahead

Leading a short mindful movement practice; recap and consolidation.

By the end of the course you will know how to bring mindfulness practice to your work, and will have started seeing the clear benefits of doing so. You will know how to lead simple mindfulness exercises for colleagues, customers, clients, or anybody else, and you will have practised these enough to get started right away.

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This course will be held online Over 4 weeks:


Date & Time

Session 1 - Breath and Body Awareness

09:00 - 11:30, Wednesday 14th April, 2021

Session 2 - Grounding Ourselves and Being Curious

09:00 - 11:30, Wednesday 21st April, 2021

Session 3 - Mindfulness at Work

09:00 - 11:30, Wednesday 28th April, 2021

Session 4 - Mindful Movement and Looking Ahead

09:00 - 11:30, Wednesday 5 May, 2021


Ticket Cost
Organisation £350
Individual or SME/Third Sector Organisation £250
Concession (only 3 tickets available) £180

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Feedback from Previous Participants

"I didn’t  think  four weeks ago that I’d feel this confident and empowered. The response from staff members has been overwhelming."

- Annette, NHS Consultant

"The course is practical and experiential with an appropriate amount of theory to support understanding. I found Vishvapani a very clear teacher with the knack of helping me to explore my experience in a kindly way."

- Jess

"When I became a Reflexologist, I noticed how many clients describe physical symptoms of stress and feel consumed with anxious thoughts. I was delighted to see Vishvapani offered a course aimed at exactly this.  I highly recommend the course to any complimentary therapists who want to gain confidence in sharing mindfulness with their clients."

- Jane

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