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When Vidyamala and her colleagues came up with the name Breathworks way back in 2004 they already intuited that breath awareness held an important place in their approach to mindfulness for pain, illness and stress. As the years have passed Vidyamala has come to see how breath awareness is absolutely central. We breathe about 20,000 times a day and, for most of us, the vast majority of those breaths are not as functional and health-giving as they might be. Most of us have deep habits of holding our breath against pain and stress, which leads to huge amounts of secondary tension and unnecessary fatigue. By learning ‘how’ to breathe in a more optimal way we can not only cultivate awareness but also improve our health. 

Breathing has been a traditional object of awareness in meditative traditions for thousands of years. But generally, this is primarily an aid to concentration. By bringing the mind back to breathing again and again the mind gradually becomes less scatty and we cultivate calm. Of course, this is a central aspect of breath awareness at Breathworks, but we also see the importance of education around the anatomy and physiology of breathing so we can not only be aware of breathing to cultivate calm, but we can also cultivate new and more health-giving breathing habits.  

In this session, Vidyamala will share her passion for all things breath related! She will discuss the reciprocal connections between breathing and the sympathetic and parasympathetic wings of the autonomic nervous system. She will show how breathing can be an aid to calming agitated states and how, through whole-body breathing, we can dial back sympathetic over-activity and boost the parasympathetic nervous system bringing about calm. 

This CPD event will include education on breathing physiology, include tips on how to teach breath awareness to those with breathing difficulties and some simple exercises for yourself and your clients. 

It will include time for Q & A

Come and join Vidyamala and Ginny in this fascinating exploration! 

Led by:  Vidyamala Burch and Ginny Wall

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