On this eight-week Online Mindfulness for Stress course you will learn mindfulness skills to cope with stress, depression, fear, and anxiety, within a supportive and friendly group setting and an expert teacher.

The course will also teach you how to boost your happiness and well-being, and find new sources of resilience, joy, and calm in your life.

Find out more about The Mindfulness for Stress Course here.

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  • An 8-week Course delivered in eight, weekly online sessions by an experienced Breathworks teacher (in 2-hour live sessions using easy-to-use webinar software, same time, same day each week)

  • All the content of the 8-Week Mindfulness for Stress course on our virtual learning platform, so you can also access learning resources and practice guidance at any time, from any time zone

  • Group discussion forums where you can share reflections and questions with your teacher and course supporters between the live sessions (or if you’re unable to make any of the live sessions)

  • A group of fellow course participants from around the UK and the world 

  • Unlimited access to the course materials after your course has ended - you can revisit the course content and practices as often as you want!

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  • Join a weekly live online learning session (recommended but not compulsory)

  • Watch, listen to and read learning materials for each week - at a time that suits you

  • Practise with the meditations - 10 minutes twice a day, for six out of seven days, over the eight weeks of the course

  • Talk to your classmates and teacher online about how you’re finding the course and how the meditations, mindfulness, and compassion practices are affecting your health and general well-being

  • The first week includes some time for orientation – we’ll provide guidance for you on how to use our simple e-learning platform. You will need access to the internet via a computer, smartphone or tablet.


  • The skill of meditation
  • Mindfulness and self-compassion skills in your daily life
  • Greater concentration and focus
  • How breath and body awareness can transform stress
  • Supportive mindful movement practices
  • The art of taking joy in simple pleasures
  • How to overcome your ‘negativity bias’
  • The many health benefits of mindfulness.

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Event details



The course will be held on our easy to use virtual learning platform (Moodle), and the sessions will be held via Zoom - an easy-to-use online webinar/conference call programme. 

The practices and guided meditations will be available online anytime, and you will be able to share reflections and questions with your teacher and group via an online discussion forum.


Start: Saturday, 29th January 2022

End: Saturday, 19th March 2022

Live session times:

The times given are those in the United Kingdom.  If you are joining from elsewhere in the world you can use this Time Zone Converter to work out the times for you in our own country.

Saturdays 10.30am to 12.30pm UK time*

  Live session date

Live session time

(UK time)

Session 1 29 January 2022 10.30am-1pm
Session 2 05 February 2022 10.30am-12.30pm
Session 3 12 February 2022 10.30am-12.30pm
Session 4 19 February 2022 10.30am-12.30pm
Session 5 26 February 2022 10.30am-12.30pm
Session 6 05 March 2022 10.30am-12.30pm
Session 7 12 March 2022 10.30am-12.30pm
Session 8 19 March 2022 10.30am-12.30pm

*the first live session will be 2 ½ hours long to allow time for orientation & introductions, other sessions will all be 2 hours long

Your Teacher

This course will be led by Breathworks teacher Ollie Bray.

I have a decade and a half of meditation experience and have logged over 10 months of retreat time in the UK and Asia. I was lucky enough to discover meditation when I was 14 years old, and I quickly fell in love with it, in particular when I was 17 and had my mind blown on my first retreat. I am accredited Breathworks teacher, and have also been accredited to teach a few different styles of meditation.

This practice has improved my mental health, day to day wellbeing, relationships, and general quality of life beyond recognition.

I feel strongly that learning mindfulness doesn't have to feel like a chore, and that there's a great deal of playfulness, lightness, and fun that can be brought to practice.

I get very excited about sharing mindfulness and meditation with others, and do a lot of online teaching.


Course fee Concession Organisational rate
£275 £195 £375

Concessionary Places 

There are a limited number of concessionary places which are available to people in financial hardship. As a guide we suggest this applies to people with an income of less than £17,000 a year. If your annual income is higher than this and would like to discuss your eligibility for a concessionary place for other reasons, please contact us.

Organisation Fee:  If your employer is paying for you to attend this course, the organisation fee for the course is £375.

We have found that some employers will release people from work to attend our courses, and in some cases will pay for them. If you wish to approach your employer for time off or for funding, we will be happy to provide a letter to verify your course arrangements and attendance and make suitable payment arrangements if required.


We have a limited number of bursary places for people whose situation and financial circumstances are such that they would not otherwise be able to afford to attend a course with us.

We want as many people as possible to benefit from Breathworks courses, and we ask you to consider how much you are able to fund yourself.  Subject to available funds, the charitable arm of our organisation, The Breathworks Foundation, will fund the remainder of the course fee.

To apply, please complete this form and click submit.


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Ticket Quantity Price Enquiry

Individual - OMfS 29th Jan 2022

Decrease Increase £275.00

Concession - OMfS 29th Jan 2022

Decrease Increase £195.00

Organisation Fee - OMfS 29th Jan 2022

Decrease Increase £375.00

Organisation (£375 by Invoice) -OMfS 29th Jan 2022