This event has been postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus situation - we'll announce new dates and any other updates as they become available. Thanks for your patience.

Immerse yourself in life-changing practices for living well with pain and illness, with Singhashri Gazmuri and Jon Aaron of the Breathworks team.


Immerse yourself in life-changing practices and skills for living well with pain and illness. Practice within a supportive environment, guided by highly skilled teachers, and live video presentations and question-and-answer with Vidyamala Burch.

Chronic pain and health issues can feel unbearable, debilitating, and unfair. Vidyamala sustained spinal injuries as a young woman, requiring multiple surgeries, which left her with partial paraplegia and severe chronic pain. She began to explore mindfulness and meditation to manage her pain and found them to be life-changing. The Breathworks approach to living with chronic pain is evidence-based, backed by research, and has changed thousands of lives.

Learn to live a rich and full life, restore your well-being, and feel that your pain or health condition is well-managed as the Breathworks Team guides us to:

  • Use the breath for pain management, and scan the body to release tension
  • Practice gentle, restorative movement techniques
  • Overcome the tendency to overdo it on good days and collapse on bad days using pacing techniques
  • Learn to live with gratitude and cultivate joy in the small pleasures
  • Meditate to awaken mindfulness, self-compassion, and joy


$595 + accommodation costs


Singhashri Gazmuri

Jon Aaron

Vidyamala Burch

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