Breathworks: 20 Years of Making Mindfulness Accessible

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Breathworks' 20th Anniversary

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Top 10 Tips For Pacing with Chronic Fatigue

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How to Manage Anxiety with Mindfulness

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Mindfulness, the Natural World, and the Experience of Awe

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What Compassion Means to Me

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Forgiveness is a Practice - Not an Act

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Mindfulness for Dads

This week in the UK we celebrate Men’s Health Week and Father’s Day, so we asked Peter Traynor (a Breathworks Teacher-in-Training) to share his experiences of fatherhood and mindfulness. Read more

Breathworks Awarded Covid Impact Fund for Manchester Courses

Breathworks has been awarded funding from Manchester City Council to run our Take Back Your Life course for free to adults in Manchester in 2021. Read more

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