Katherine Michaelis

came to  mindfulness to help me live my busy life with less stress and anxiety and more peace and enjoyment. The Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress course really helped me and I went on to train as a Breathworks teacher, qualifying in 2012. Read more

Karen Hall

I have a nursing background and unfortunately injured my back in the 1st year of my training, this became a chronic painful condition (occupational hazard so it got worse as I accumulated more injuries over the next 25 years) which I still have today. Read more

Anjali Chatterjee

Anjali has been a Breathworks Mindfulness trainer since 2010 and a Mindfulness practitioner since 2003 when she commenced her spiritual training as a Buddhist. Read more

Fidelma Farley

Meditation and mindfulness have had a transformative effect on my life, enabling me to manage anxiety and overcome depression, as well as enabling me to embrace and live life more fully. Read more

Steve Johnson

I have been a Breathworks Teacher, Senior Trainer and Associate for more than ten years, covering a range of programmes from Mindfulness for Health and Stress courses through to courses for health care professionals Read more

Donna Brown

Prior to becoming a Mindfulness teacher and coaching supervisor, I was an Executive in the public sector and before that a Director in the private sector. Read more

Sophie Matthew

Developing Mindfulness and compassion as a response to physical pain and psychological distress, both in myself and helping others find their own path with this. Read more

Uddyotani Helen Doherty

I began supporting Breathworks Mindfulness for Health courses in 2007 and soon after became a trainer as a natural response to pain and illness, wanting to offer mindfulness for the benefit of all. Read more

Sally Cherry

I have been teaching for 4 years and I love it. I mostly teach community based open courses. Read more

Colette Power

I'm a senior mindfulness teacher, trainer, and supervisor with Breathworks CIC. I've taught Breathworks Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress since 2010. Read more

Singhashri Gazmuri

My favourite part of the job is supporting students in the training programme and accredited teachers to bring more and more of themselves into their mindfulness practice and teaching. Read more

Cate Clark

I’m a senior trainer, teacher and supervisor for Breathworks CIC. As a senior trainer I have been working with the Breathworks training team since 2009 Read more

Alison Purnell

I have been teaching Breathworks Mindfulness courses since 2011; predominantly in the NHS. Read more