Over 4000 academic studies about mindfulness programmes have now been published, with evidence showing:

  • Reduced stress (32%), reduced anxiety (28%), and improved mood (28%)
  • Improved resilience, well-being and satisfaction with life (44%)
  • Improved attentiveness (19%) and compassion for oneself and others (38%)
  • Improved quality of life (70%) and functionality with pain and ill-health (36%)
  • Improved positivity, concentration, creativity, flexibility and sense of purpose

These positive benefits help to unlock the potential within individual employees and teams to bring the best of themselves to their work and personal lives.

Get a taste yourself with this 3-minute breathing space meditation from Breathworks Teacher Dave Spencer:

Bracketed figures are Breathworks course evaluation findings at 3-month follow-up

“I feel a lot calmer inside. I’m now able to support others more effectively because I don’t get drawn into the detail of the stress – I’m more productive in the time that I have.”

— Civil Service Manager following a Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress Course.


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