Ginny Wall

About Me:
Image of Ginny Wall - Breathworks Accredited TeacherAs Head of Training of the mindfulness teacher training programme, I support trainees to develop and deepen their meditation practice and teaching skills. I also regularly teach Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress courses in Manchester, and the Health course online.

I had already been meditating for many years when I came across the Breathworks Mindfulness for Health course. I was going through a period of emotional pain and anxiety due to family circumstances, and really needed something to help me cope. I found the Breathworks approach transformational, with its combined emphasis on awareness and compassion - it proved a real turning point for me in my mindfulness practice and life more generally.

I have practised and taught meditation for over twenty years. My background includes teaching, retreat leading, writing, youth work and educational programme development. I enjoy working in contexts as varied as community centres, workplaces, festivals, schools, homes and faith communities.

As well as my work in Manchester, I also offer mindfulness courses and events in Cumbria, Northumberland and south Scotland, plus one-to-one mindfulness teaching via phone or Skype. So, if you would like to discuss options about any of these, please do get in touch.
Phone/Mobile: 0169 7741686
City: Carlisle, City of Carlisle
Region: England
County: Cumbria
Country: United Kingdom
  • Mindfulness for Health courses
  • Mindfulness for Stress courses
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • Coaching
  • One to One Sessions
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Other Specialism: Mindfulness for Young People