The Breathworks Foundation is naming 2020 the year of 20 Challenges. 

Our vision is to spread the gift of mindfulness and compassion specifically for those suffering through pain, stress and illness helping more people reclaim their lives.  One way to achieve this is through individuals and groups, when we are allowed to be together again, setting Challenges which stretch them in a healthy, appropriate and mindful way throughout 2020.

Our aim is to have 20 Challenges running over the year to raise a total target of £5,000, which works out as an average of £250 on each challenge.

By sharing your very personal Challenge and asking your friends, family and colleagues to get involved and support you will be raising both the profile of mindfulness & The Breathworks Foundation and much needed funds allowing more people suffering with pain, illness & related stress access to these life-changing skills through our course and teacher training bursaries.

 A chance to create a fun challenge which supports you and others

Get your thinking caps on, what would a Challenge look like for you this year?  Maybe a daily silent or more body aware walk, run or cycle or a more contemplative activity such as introducing a regular meditation, body scan, reflection or ‘doing nothing’ practice for a month to better resource yourself during these isolating times.  How could you explain that to your friends, family and colleagues in a way they might understand mindfulness a little more and why Breathworks means so much to you and thousands of other who now have happier healthier lives?