Help Vidyamala fulfill her dream of making mindfulness courses available to all, regardless of the ability to pay

When people ask why I founded Breathworks and continue to work so hard, my answer is always very simple:

 I want to help people. I know our programmes work. They are simple, direct and effective.

When I was 17 I had two major spinal surgeries which left me with chronic pain and disability. When I was 25 I learned to meditate while in hospital. This had a big impact. I realised I could train my mind to work with my situation, rather than fighting against it.

I started to meditate daily and went on many intensive training retreats. After 15 years of deep experience I developed the Breathworks approach. I wanted others to have access to the profound yet simple, accessible and practical tools that had so massively transformed my life.

Breathworks doesn’t receive any external funding so is dependent on charging for courses and training to cover basic salaries for the team and essential infrastructure.  But I know that many of those who most need our approach have minimal financial resources.

 It breaks my heart that many of the people who most need mindfulness can’t afford it.

I know what that’s like. Most of my adult life I haven’t been able to hold down a normal job. I was poor and wouldn’t have been able to afford a mindfulness course.  

I know what it is like to be lost, physically broken and financially broke.

In 2009 close colleagues and I set up The Breathworks Foundation. This raises funds to award bursaries to people on low incomes and helps people like me access life-changing mindfulness courses.

Each year we give away about £20,000, but we have to turn down many more requests due to lack of funds. Please help us raise another £20,000 over the next year so we can help many more people.

By supporting our GIVE2LIVE campaign today you give so others can live - no amount too small or too large!