An Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Pain and Illness Management

This is an external course is facilitated by Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University

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Course description

This is a two part course

  • Part 1 at Crowne Plaza 17-19 Oct 2016
  • Part 2 at Trigonos 18-20 April 2017

This course is for anyone interested in learning how to apply mindfulness and compassion to chronic pain and other long-term health conditions.

Over the 6 days you will learn the theory and practice of the core components MBPM: breath awareness, mindfulness and compassion meditations, mindfulness in daily life and mindful movement.

The workshops will cover the following key concepts and practices:
  • Developing awareness of the breathing body
  • Accepting the pain, reducing the suffering
  • Relating to pain and illness: Resistance, Blocking and Drowning; and Acceptance
  • Pain, illness and the three major emotion systems (as outlined by Prof Paul Gilbert in 'the Compassionate Mind')
  • A sequence of meditations: breath-based body scans, mindfulness of what is, compassionate acceptance, treasure the pleasure, open heart, connection
  • Looking after your condition - mindfulness in daily life and pacing
  • Mindful Movement and poetry
  • The key distinctions bewteen MBPM and MBSR/CT


There is a requirement that you stay at the venue where the training is taking place - for part one we ask that you contact the venue direct to reserve a place only once your application for the training has been approroved. For part two the CMRP admin team will send you a booking form.

The facilitators:  David Shannon together with Guest Teacher Vidyamala Burch

For administrative queries contact Frances on 01248 38 2498 or

For further details visit

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