Mindfulness HEALS during a pandemic

Vidyamala reflects on how she's handled the increasing difficulty of managing pain during lockdown, and explains her approach with an acronym: HEALS. Read more

Reflections on Becoming a Mindfulness Teacher

Breathworks Teacher Rabia shares her journey with Breathworks' Teacher Training, and her advice for anybody thinking of following the same path. Read more

Vidyamala's Micro-Blog - Managing Lockdown with a Disability 2

Last time I used 37 words and I got this comment from Bridget: "37 words - a big relief in the sea of online 'stuff' we're all bombarded with at the moment. Can you make it 36 next time?!" So here's my 36 word micro blog on managing lockdown with a disability. Read more

Vidyamala's Micro-Blog: Managing Lockdown with a Disability

Vidyamala wanted to write a blog about lockdown with disability, but has been too preoccupied with managing it recently, so here is her 37-word micro-blog, which says everything she wanted to say. Read more

Connections in Lockdown

Breathworks teacher Fiona MacCallum reflects on the resources available to help us surf the waves of difficulty during this nation-wide lockdown. Read more

The Three Pillars Of Excellent Mindfulness Teaching

Breathworks Teacher Suryacitta has been training people to teach for years, and has noticed some common mistakes. In this excellent blog, he gives some pointers to mindfulness teachers and those thinking of becoming teachers. Read more

The Things I Do for Science...

Breathworks Founder Vidyamala Burch recently volunteered to take part in an experiment into the effect of high levels of pain on the brain, giving her ample opportunity to make use of her own pain management strategies! Read more

From Depression to Mindfulness

Niccy shares her experiences of depression, and how, after many years, her mindfulness practice helped her to break the cycles that kept her tied to chronic unhappiness. Read more

Paying it Forward - The Life-Changing Effects of Having Access to Mindfulness

Read Laura's story of meeting Mindfulness in 2014, when she completed an 8-week Breathworks course which she describes as 'simply life changing'. The generosity of both her teacher and The Breathworks Foundation allowed her to go on and train and she shares how she is now spreading the gift of Mindfulness to the most economically disadvantaged communities throughout Cardiff. Read more