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CPD and Information for Breathworks Teachers

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Breathworks offers a wide range of continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities to support you in deepening your mindfulness practice and teaching. CPD events are created based on feedback from our teachers and students about what would be most useful for them. In addition to this we also feature CPD courses from our partners.

Who can attend?
These events are specifically designed to meet the needs of accredited Breathworks mindfulness teachers, although in most cases we also welcome teachers trained in other mindfulness-based interventions, as well as students in our training programme. Please see details of each event to make sure you meet the specific requirements for attendance.

UK Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers
Ongoing annual CPD is a requirement of maintaining your accreditation with Breathworks and in keeping with the UK Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers. This requirement includes completing at least one two-day event per year and participating in an annual residential, teacher-led retreat of at least four nights' duration.

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CPD and Conversion Courses from our Partners

If you are interested in also becoming qualified to deliver MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). Mindfulness UK offer a 3-day conversion course which then allows accredited Breathworks teachers to fast track their teacher training programme.Mindfulness UK Logo

The Conversion Course takes in to consideration the prior knowledge, understanding and experience of teaching Mindful meditation practices learners already have through achieving the IMCPP or Breathworks training pathway. This means learners only attend 3 teaching days instead of 6, the usual amount of the MBSR TT Pathway and the cost is significantly lower.

It is still a 12 month training pathway and is in accordance with the UK Mindfulness Network Regulations, Good Practice Guidelines and MBI-TAC.

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