Mindfulness in the Workplace Associate Carole - BreathworksCarole has 18 years experience within the Voluntary Sector built through a range  of roles including self-employment as a trainer, consultant and  quality reviewer, being an employee of a charity as well as volunteering.  She has worked with social enterprises, start up community groups, small and large charities as well as support organisations to the voluntary sector and through this delivered hundreds of personal/organisational development courses including mindfulness and resilience as well as peer support programmes and self-management groups within mental health.

With a strong commitment to her own personal development and wellbeing, Carole knows first hand the effects of stress and anxiety.  Carole first came to  yoga and meditation when having time away from work in 2001 and through volunteering made a move into the voluntary sector the following year.  People appreciate her honesty and down to earth style, sense of humour and ability to present things in a simple and clear way.