Mindfulness and compassion are increasingly recommended as complementary practices in many fields of medicine. Yet, with mounting pressure on the NHS, and burnout rates skyrocketing, it is often those healthcare professionals with a foundation in these techniques of calm, focus, and resilience who stand to gain the most. Health Professional  Mindfulness Trainer Karen Hall BreathworksThe mindfulness and compassion practices which we teach have been shown to drastically improve concentration, calm, resilience to distress, positive interpersonal communication, and work satisfaction. New research has revealed that compassion is one of the strongest components of resilience.

That's why Breathworks is offering this Masterclass in mindfulness and compassion approaches specifically tailored for Healthcare Professionals, and run by Karen Hall, one of our most experienced trainers.

Techniques That Work

During this experiential workshop you will be introduced to the theory and practice of mindfulness, including Health Professional Masterclass testimonialapplications in health-care. We’ll explore the Breathworks approach, including reference to some of the following key elements:

  • Primary and secondary suffering. The key difference between these two that can immediately help you to not turn one problem into two problems
  • Acceptance. Acceptance is not a passive 'giving up' - but it can help you to give up worrying over things that you can't control.
  • 'Doing' and 'Being' modes - and how to move between them to protect your mental health and increase your effectiveness. 
  • The body and the breath - their importance as a foundation for mindfulness practice
  • Brain plasticity - and why it's such great cause for optimism

Breathworks was originally developed for chronic pain. Coming from these roots, it has always been important to us to have an approach which is powerful enough to help people flourish even with chronic illness and constant pain, yet simple enough that these lessons can be grasped and integrated into one's life easily. Over many years of continual feedback and improvements, working with expert mindfulness teachers and practitioners, we have needed to develop an approach which cuts to the core of effective mindfulness practices.

Whether you are new to mindfulness or an experienced practitioner, we hope you find something of great value to take from the day.

* Please note that mindfulness is not a theory but a practice, and in order to effectively teach it to others you need to have a firm foundation of practice yourself.

Who Is This Course For?

People from many fields have benefited, professionally and personally, from this course. These have included MBCT and MBSR teachers, doctors, nurses, counsellors, psychotherapists, care workers, physiotherapists, and anybody who works with others in a caring capacity and who wishes to explore these skills. If you think that you would benefit from this training, we warmly invite you to apply.


Breathworks has a great deal of research, both from internal evaluations of our courses and published research using our pain management courses, available to read. Our courses have resulted in significant improvements in the self-management of pain and long-term conditions, effects which are maintained even over follow-ups of many years.


"Very good balance of practice and discussion."

"Excellent - plenty of professional advice given, but also time to discuss personal experience."

"I feel that I've learned enough about mindfulness as a health-care intervention and the appropriate skills to develop interventions in my work."

"Content was excellent and I feel able to apply this to my work following completing some meditation."

"Karen's love for teaching shone through. She was patient and understanding with all of us. As a healthcare professional working in the NHS I had started to lose my compassion for others around me as well as myself, and the course has helped me see that, and during the past month I have noticed a difference in the way I respond to myself and others."

"Presentations were very well organised, educational, and nurturing."

"It's impressive to have kept my interest non-stop. That hasn't always happened on previous mindfulness courses!"

"Excellent! So engaging, thought-provoking, relevant."

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