"I did the online orientation for the TTi last week and it was great! Really got me looking forward to the training and I found it so useful"


For anyone starting Breathworks teacher training from January 2018, you must complete an online Orientation Workshop before your TTi training event. The aim of the workshop is to introduce you to essential elements of the training programme, lay foundations for understanding the Breathworks approach to teaching mindfulness with compassion, do some practical introductory work, and give you a chance to ask any questions you may have at this stage.

The workshop will consist of:

  • Online content to read and view (allow about 2 hours), followed by
  • A 2-hour webinar with a Breathworks trainer, using a simple online tool called Zoom

The workshop will include an introduction to Breathworks, an overview of the training, a period of meditation practice, a reflective journalling exercise and an exploration of how to work with your personal mentor through your training.

When you apply to begin your training, you will be asked to specify dates when you could participate in an online Orientation Workshop before your chosen TTi event. You will then book dates for your Orientation Workshop and TTi event when your training application is accepted.

2019/2020 Dates for online Orientation Workshops are:

4-6pm Wednesday 9th October 2019

2-4pm Sunday 10th November 2019

4-6pm Wednesday 4th December 2019

2-4pm Sunday 26th January 2020

4-6pm Wednesday 18th March 2020

2-4pm Sunday 19th April 2020

4-6pm Wednesday 13th May 2020

2-4pm Sunday 14th June 2020

4-6pm Wednesday 22nd July 2020

2-4pm Sunday 6th September 2020

4-6pm Wednesday 21st October 2020

2-4pm Sunday 6th December 2020

Two weeks before your Orientation Workshop, you will be contacted by email with links to online content to read and view, and an invitation to your Zoom webinar.

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