Vidyapala Paul Whitehead I've decided to do a charity fundraising bike ride to raise money for The Breathworks Foundation. Breathworks​ are an amazing organisation who teach mindfulness techniques and give compassion training to people suffering long term chronic pain, stress and anxiety. The Breathworks Foundation awards scholarships and bursaries to people experiencing financial hardship. This means they are able to attend Breathworks courses and Teacher Training to learn vital life-changing skills. Sadly, it is very often the people who are most in need of mindfulness and compassion training who are the least able to pay for and access it.

I have personally benefited immeasurably as a result of learning mindfulness techniques. They have enabled me to deal with the stress and anxiety that so many of us face in the modern world and were of massive use to me when I was suffering a chronic pain issue about 8 years ago. Breathworks are the best organisation out there doing this kind of thing, not least because my awesome partner, Helen Sullivan,​ is the CEO. If you are able to sponsor me then please do. Thanks very much. Vidyapala Paul Whitehead