Ginny Wall - Head of programmes Breathworks MindfulnessAs Breathworks’ Head of Training, I oversee the Breathworks mindfulness teacher training programme, supporting trainees to develop and deepen their meditation practice and teaching skills, and ensuring a high standard of training is delivered for all of our trainee teachers. I regularly teach Breathworks mindfulness courses face to face and online, including in a wide variety of workplace settings. I am also currently enjoying developing Breathworks’ e-learning offer so that Breathworks mindfulness courses can be more accessible to a wider and more diverse range of people.

I had already been meditating for many years when I came across the Breathworks mindfulness courses. I was going through a period of significant upheaval and anxiety due to challenging family circumstances, and really needed something to help me cope and develop more resilience. I found the Breathworks approach transformational, with its combined emphasis on awareness, kindness and engaging fully with life, whatever our circumstances - it proved a real turning point for me in my mindfulness practice and life more generally. So, when I’m teaching mindfulness, it is always grounded in my own experience of how these practices can make a real difference in coping with everyday life, work and relationships, as well as being more creative and flourishing in all kinds of ways.

I have practised and taught meditation for over twenty years. My background includes an early career as a lawyer, followed by teaching, retreat leading, writing, youth work and educational programme development. I enjoy working in contexts as varied as community centres, workplaces, festivals, schools, homes and faith communities. I have delivered mindfulness in the workplace sessions to youth and care workers, lawyers, PR professionals, musicians, public sector workers and many more. I really enjoy adapting mindfulness to suit the needs of the people I am working with, and the sector in which they operate. I am very committed to making mindfulness accessible to people regardless of their working context, social group, disability or other factors.