Mindfulness in the Workplace Associate Heather - BreathworksHeather has worked with young children and those who teach them for decades, having progressed to the headship of a primary school before entering university-based teacher training. Over this time I have come to understand that what enables teachers to thrive in the profession is not just extensive subject and pedagogical knowledge but the ability to be “bomb-proof”; it was the examination of exactly what this term means that led to my own journey in mindfulness and to specialise in educational settings, following my training with Breathworks.   

Positive wellbeing, for me, starts in childhood; in the application of this principle to practice I have gained the qualification to teach mindfulness to children aged 7-11 from the Mindfulness in Schools Project. Lately, my work with teachers and their children has led to much success in the delivery of a mindfulness project with primary and secondary schools in a city located in the north of England.

Living in a multigenerational family, with 2 working dogs, in the heart of a rural county, means that my own mindfulness practice has become my daily, lived, experience. Weekly attendance at my meditation group sessions and commitment to their regular retreats supplement this, as does much reading and personal research; the work of Jack Kornfield provides regular inspiration for me.