Mindfulness Course in a Box

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Full Mindfulness course suitable for people with pain, illness and/or stress.

A complete eight-week course in a box for you to use again and again at a time that suits you. This is based on Vidyamala's Living Well with Pain and Illness book and complements the courses based on the Mindfulness for Health book. You could consider completing this course if you wish to go deeper in your mindfulness practice.


  • Living Well with Pain and Illness book
  • Four accompanying CDs - Body Scan, Mindfulness of Breathing (double CD), Kindly Awareness (double CD), CD of additional mindfulness enquiry exercises
  • Mindfulness of Daily Life booklet
  • Mindful Movement pack (including DVD, CDs and Mindful Movement Booklet)
  • Instruction booklet outlining the full Breathworks programme, including diary pages and scheduling information, forming a complete self-management training package

£99 + p & p

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Please email info@breathworks.co.uk for further information.