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Booking Form - Mindfulness for Health

Thank you for your interest in attending a Mindfulness course with Breathworks. Please remember to use the SUBMIT button at the foot of this form once you have completed your registration. 

Once your booking form has been received, the teacher who'll be leading the course (or their co-lead, if there are two teachers) will contact you by phone to discuss any outstanding questions you have and to confirm that the course is right for you. Together, we'll consider whether this is an appropriate course for you at the present time. Taking on a Mindfulness practice can have its challenges and the practices can have negative effects for some people at some times. For all of us, there are times when it's not appropriate to practice Mindfulness; when what we need is a different sort of support or learning. It's possible that the teacher will recommend that you don't take up a place on the course at the present time. You're making big financial and time commitments and we want to make sure they're not wasted on a course that's not right for you.

Breathworks offer these courses as an opportunity to learn Mindfulness in a group setting and apply it in our everyday lives. We do not offer a mental health service and most Breathworks teachers are not qualified to offer psychological therapy.

Please note this course is not for people who are acutely ill, suffer from acute depression or who wish to be passive recipients of support and advice. Nor is it a substitute for professional therapy.
If you need any help with completing the form please contact us.

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