You’re stuck at home or some other place in isolation....maybe feeling scared, ill or a bit overwhelmed. This free self-paced course is Breathworks' way of supporting you through this difficult time.

This course is free, and open for self-enrolment. Click on the link below, create a personal log in (if you're not already registered on our Moodle site), and enrol on the course. If you have any problems creating a personal login, just log in as a guest and you'll be able to access the course that way.

Covid-19 is a new and scary thing in the world. We are all dealing with the unknown. But here at Breathworks, we know from many years of experience that mindfulness can really help us to cope in challenging times. We hope you find this course helpful.

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Course Topics:

  • Introduction and Welcome

  • “You’re stuck at home and may be sick...”
    If you're stuck at home and worried about getting sick it's completely understandable that your mind might feel like a wild animal going all over the place. Understandable, but you'll probably agree it can feel horrible! In this session, we offer two specific ways we can gain more mental and emotional mastery: Mindful Movement and a Body Scan meditation. Just click on the resources below to access a reflection and some practice guidance.

  • “So, you’re freaking out” (Self Compassion)
    Difficult times are...well, difficult! There’s no two ways about it and whatever you’re feeling is okay.  This section includes two practices to help soothe and calm you when you're freaking out. 

  • The Pleasure of Small Things
    If you’re mainly stuck indoors there’s a good chance you’re experiencing a bit of cabin fever and finding it hard to find much to enjoy. What to do? Check out the reflection and practices in this section to help get a different perspective.

  • When you’re feeling alone (Stay Connected)
    Feeling lonely and isolated has been shown to heighten health risks as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. This is why we’re offering you the connection meditation where you can spend time practising imaginative connection with people during this time of difficulty and social distancing.  

  • Now you have time... (Lifestyle)
    The possibility of a couple of weeks with nothing to do may seem great (or not), but it can be surprisingly easy to slip into anxiety, boredom and feeling low or isolated. Check out our tips for keeping your mind, body and credit card balance in good shape...

  • The kids are off school and I need to work from home. Help!
    This section offers some practices and specific tips for mindfully getting through and getting some work done while at home.

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