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Reader’s Resources

We do hope you are enjoying Mindfulness for Health and finding it helpful as a tool for managing your health condition or simply for living your life. We urge you to keep practising as the book suggests to see for yourself just how beneficial mindfulness can be. As promised, you will find below several extra resources to enhance your experience of mindfulness.


  • Extra Materials: In the Extra Materials section you will find much of what you need to deepen your understanding and practice of mindfulness. This section includes:
    • Setting up your meditation posture
    • More information on breathing
    • Extra Body Scans
    • Extra Breathing Anchor meditations
    • More information on mindful movement
    • Practice Templates

  • More Guided Meditations: In the Downloads Shop you will find more versions of:
    • Ten minute body scans
    • Ten minute Breathing Anchor meditations
    • Longer meditations
    • Other meditations for stress reduction

  • Other Meditations: You will find several other meditations in our shop and Downloads shop specialising in Mindfulness for Stress. It has been our experience that all mindfulness meditation is beneficial regardless of the physical, mental or emotional condition to which it is directed.

  • International Certified Breathworks Teachers: We have fully qualified Breathworks teachers working in more than 15 countries.

  • Online Courses: Available if you can't get to a local course or wish to do the course online in the comfort of your own home.