Find out about The Breathworks Teacher Training Programme Here

If you have read all the information about joining the Breathworks teacher training programme and are now ready to apply, please fill in the form below. Our administration team will then process your application and be in touch about next steps within 2 weeks.

Please allow yourself 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete this application form. Click on each of the grey boxes and provide the information requested.

A few of the questions have a by them  - these need to be answered to submit the form. The other questions are not compulsory however, we would really appreciate you answering all the questions. All information is provided in complete confidence and helps us to:

  • identify the appropriate level of training for you
  • provide the best conditions for participants on our events
  • helps our teachers/trainers to gain some idea of the participants.

If you can't see the booking form below, please click here to redirect to it.