We have just launched Moving Well, a brand new 4-week online course created especially for people with ill health or pain who struggle with movement in their daily life. We will be offering the course at Community of Practice prices to hopefully make them accessible to all. 

For those of you unfamiliar with mindful movement, a simple explanation is that it is a moving meditation and not exercise. It has been a core part of the Breathworks approach from the start and has benefited many who suffer with health conditions. Benefits for some have been an increase of strength, stamina and flexibility, as well as increased confidence in mobility and an emotional reconnection with the body.

Created by MJ Stephens & Stanter Kandola, this course will be an explorative journey through the benefits of mindful movement. Each week will build on the last, with a range of simple, enjoyable movements and themes including learning how to find balanced effort, learning your hard and soft edge and moving well with grace. We will look at how to work with restricted mobility and re-claim the important connection between the mind and body (which can so often become broken when managing health conditions).


  1. Sunday 7th November, 11am-12pm
  2. Sunday 14th November 11am-12pm
  3. Sunday 21st November 11am-12pm
  4. Sunday 28th November 11am-12pm

Where: Sessions will be held live via Zoom

Led by: MJ Stephens

Cost: £30 ($39.99) for all four sessions

Book your place here (you will need to create an account on The Breathworks online Community of Practice if you haven't already):

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Course Outline

Week 1: Moving Well

An introduction to the course and what we will be exploring through the following weeks. This will include a look at the value of moving, the nervous system, finding balance and alignment, and will also include some introductory mindful movement practice.

Week 2: Moving Well and Mindset

A look at our mind, how it wants to push through when it comes to exercise and ignoring our restricted mobility (especially if we are driven). There will be exploration of how we can work more effectively with this, the tendency to disconnect and how to find your hard & soft edge with movements.


Week 3: Moving Well and Balanced Effort

This week will examine what is balanced effort, how to listen to our bodies as well as what is too much or too little. We will also introduce the body’s awareness of gentleness and kindness, and the concept of love and acceptance to our experience. The breath as part of our experience will be explored, and how it informs our effort.

Week 4: Moving Well with Grace

In our last week we will look at how to move in a smooth and controlled way, how to encourage the mind and body to work together and how to listen and create dialogue with our bodies when we have pain-limited mobility.

We hope you can join us for what will be a deeply valuable, enjoyable, and different way to explore how we can move more mindfully!

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