A long-term, low-cost strategy for workplace mental health

Staff absence costs the NHS £2.4 billion per year - that's £1 for every £40 of the total budget. A huge proportion of illness and absence is caused by stress or stress- related illnesses.

Our mindfulness workshops and teacher training are a long-term, low cost solution that can help reduce the huge costs of:

  • workplace stress
  • employee turnover
  • stress and illness-related absenteeism.

Perhaps more importantly, our courses can improve levels of:

  • work satisfaction
  • communication
  • the overall quality of life of your staff.

There is now a great deal of research demonstrating the extraordinary contribution of mindfulness and compassion interventions for resilience and happiness; every £1 invested in a Breathworks Course produces savings of at least £5.76 in reduced costs to employers, reduced costs to public services, and increased contributions at work and in the community. (More about the social value report here)

Those who take part in our courses experience on average: 

Mindfulness Benefits for NHS Health Professionals

Our programme has shown significant improvements in the self-management of pain, stress, and long-term conditions sustained for years after taking part. (more research into the Breathworks mindfulness based approach here).

What We Offer

We run bespoke programmes to suit your organisational needs at on and off-site locations. These programmes include:

  • ways staff can establish a personal mindfulness and compassion practice of their own
  • ways to introduce mindfulness and compassion into their work with patients or clients

Training can be provided across a full pathway from initial practitioner to fully accredited and supervised teacher levels.

Previous Clients

We have run courses and teacher training on-site with some of the following clients:

  • South Tees NHS Foundation Trust
  • North East London Foundation Trust
  • Preston Pain Management Team
  • The Walton Pain Management Centre, Liverpool
  • Bath Pain Services
  • Royal Glamorgan Hospital

A more detailed list of our clients and partners is available here.


"The event was a great success and all staff found the session extremely useful (and of course relaxing!)"

"I have gained an enormous amount from the course and cannot thank you enough for the enlightenment I have felt from it.  I feel that I am taking care of myself much better and noticing much more than I used to in the world around me."

"You were both very welcoming and wish to thank you both for investing a lot of time preparing for the day that was not only memorable but will help us improve our clinical practice and our own wellbeing"

"Whilst at work, I am trying to prioritise the tasks I care the most about and, for me, that means ensuring I have done everything I have said I will do for my patients... I have also been more encouraging of self-care with myself and my colleagues and have modelled this by taking my lunch break away from my computer and taking a short walk when I need fresh air."

"I have found completing the course... profound and transformative. I feel better able to handle the day-to-day stress that can arise in my work, my relationships with myself and colleagues have improved, and most importantly I believe that my professional practice has benefited. For example – I feel that I am less at risk of burnout or compassion fatigue and am better able to act compassionately with my patients.”

Example Program

You can view a 2-Day Example Program here.


We would love to have the opportunity to discuss how a Breathworks programme could benefit both health professionals and patients alike in your organisation.

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Alternatively phone 0161 834 1110, and we can work with you to create a tailored plan for your workplace. 

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