What Is It

Join us for these 45 minute mindful movement sessions to soothe the body, focus the mind, and relax both.

Mindful movement is a form of 'meditation in motion', where the object of the meditation is the body as it moves, in gentle, soothing motions. These sessions are suitable for anybody, and adaptations will be offered for those with different levels of ability.

Our hope is that you will end each session feeling calm, centred, more embodied, and relaxed.


These sessions will be led by experienced Breathworks teachers MJ Stephens and Sona Fricker:

Sona Fricker

MJ Stephens


Mindfulness in the workplace associate MJ - Breathworks

Sona Fricker, one of the Founding Directors of Breathworks, has been teaching mindful movement as part of the Breathworks Programmes for nearly 20 years. He is a passionate believer in the importance and benefits of bringing mindfulness into how we move the body to improve awareness, function and mobility. He also sees mindful movement as a way to develop a more embodied and deep practice of mindfulness in the “sitting meditations.” 

As a young man Sona trained as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher in London. He was recognised as qualified to teach by Mr. Iyengar himself and went on to teach yoga for many years. For the subsequent decades he has developed his skills as a very experienced and embodied teacher, through meditation, yoga, and movements  based on Qi Gong. 

He is a creative and innovative teacher and in the Community of Practice sessions he will be teaching both the standard Breathworks Mindful Movements as well as some adapted movements he has developed, done either sitting or standing, which are especially suited to deepening you practice of mindfulness of the body.

I will be leading Mindful Movement classes from both the Health and Stress courses, some sitting, standing and lying down. As part of this I want to talk about hard and soft edges of movement, our connection with our breath, transitions and even a few ideas from my Alexander Technique training.

I would like to invite you to join me on Thursday January 14th at 12.30 as I lead 30 minutes of MM and finish with a 15 minute sit. I will also be leading classes on the 28th of January and then February 11th and 25th.

So please do join me from my home as we explore what it’s like to move with Mindfulness. 


Sona will lead a 5.30pm class on a Tuesday and MJ will lead a 12.30pm class on a Thursday every other week.
The schedule is as follows:

2021 Dates Teacher
Tuesday 5th Jan, 5:30pm Sona
Thursday 14th Jan, 12:30pm MJ
Tuesday 19th Jan, 5:30pm Sona
Thursday 28th Jan, 12:30pm MJ
Tuesday 2nd Feb, 5:30pm Sona
Thursday 11th Feb, 12:30pm MJ
Tuesday 16th Feb, 5:30pm Sona
Thursday 25th Feb, 12:30pm MJ


Each session costs £4.00 to join, and can be booked through the Breathworks Online Community of Practice (details below).

How to Join

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