Do you experience stress and the suffering associated with stress?

Breathworks teaches mindfulness and compassion to help improve your quality of life.

Join the thousands of other people around the world who have discovered the power of mindfulness and compassion in dealing with the stresses of daily life.

On this course you will learn how:

  • Breath and body awareness can support you to bring compassion to your experience of stress
  • Mindful movements can help calm body and mind, and establish greater awareness
  • Mindfulness can help you to see more clearly your habits and patterns that can lead to more stress, so you can begin to make different choices
  • Mindfulness and compassion can radically change your experience of stress
  • The simple pleasures of life can bring you joy, even in the midst of suffering
  • Compassion towards yourself and others can help reduce isolation and support deeper connection to the common human experience of suffering
  • Mindfulness and compassion can help you in choosing to respond, rather than react

How does the training work?

This mindfulness course is designed so you can train on you own with the intuitive program we have developed. Mindfulness for Stress Reduction is a program that includes 8 stages (weeks). Training takes place 2 times per day, 10 minutes each session. You can complete the training using your smart phone, tablet or on your computer.

The training program includes:

  •  A stress test that you can choose to complete before and after the program.
  • Mindfulness Exercises: Body scanning, breathing anchor, mindful movements, sitting meditations
  • Everyday Exercises: Sitting still, listening to noises around you, becoming aware of your body
  • Documentation - where you can learn more about stress and simple everyday exercises.
  • Diary Templates – Where you can record your experience and choose intentions and outcomes you would like to achieve.

Throughout the program you can stop and start wherever you are up to and repeat any session you have already covered.

After completing the program, you can repeat the exercises as many times you wish. There is no limitation in time.

Price - £55 (plus VAT)

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