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Open Sit LogoWelcome to those of you coming from the 'Open Sit' App and congratulations on your journey of practice so far.

We hope you have enjoyed your experience of the Breathworks approach to mindfulness and compassion and wanted to help direct you to additional resources, courses and training to take your practice further.

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Events by Location:  

Manchester Buddhist Centre Breathworks Mindfulness Courses Link

Manchester, UK

 All events running in Central Manchester: 8-week courses, teacher training, and more


London, UK

All our London events: mindfulness courses, taster sessions, refreshers, teacher training, and more

8-Week Mindfulness Courses:

Mindfulness for Health breathworks Meditation Course link 

Mindfulness for Health

Our well-known 8-week teacher-led group course for chronic pain, illness, and long-term conditions

 Mindfulness for Stress and anxiety Breathworks Meditation course link

Mindfulness for Stress

Our 8-week teacher-led group mindfulness course for stress, anxiety, and difficult life circumstances

 Online Mindfulness and Meditation Courses Breathworks link

Online Courses

A range of guided e-courses for you to take from the comfort of your own home, in your own time


Meditation Retreats

We run week-long group retreats in some beautiful locations for you to dive deep into practice whilst guided by skilled teachers 

 Breathworks Meditation and Mindfulness in Daily Life Refresher Sessions Page Link

Refresher Sessions

If you are already a mindfulness practitioner, but want to rejuvenate your meditation practice, our refresher sessions are for you


 Taster Sessions

If you're curious about mindfulness, come along to a short introductory taster session and have a go!

 MBCT MBSR Mindfulness Meditation Working with Pain Courses Breathworks Link

Mindfulness Training for MBCT and MBSR Teachers

If you are already an MBCT or MBSR teacher, we run courses to help you apply mindfulness to those suffering from chronic pain and long-term conditions

 Health Professionals Doctors Nurses Mindfulness Meditation Training Course Breathworks Link

Mindfulness Training for Health Professionals

We run 3-day mindfulness courses specifically for Healthcare professionals to ease work stress and use mindfulness with patients

 Mindfulness in the Workplace Meditation Courses Breathworks Link

Workplace and Organisations

Organise mindfulness and meditation training,
courses, and bespoke events for your organisation or workplace

Continuing Professional Development Mindfulness Meditation Courses Teachers Breathworks Link

Continuing Professional Development

Deepen your mindfulness teaching and practice with these CPD events for teachers and students of mindfulness of any kind  

Find a Teachern

Find a Teacher around the World

If you can't reach our main practice centres, search through our directory of teachers from all over the world to find a local teacher

Breathworks On-site training for the NHS

On-Site Training for the NHS

We offer bespoke training workshops for NHS workplaces and staff, from introductory mindfulness all the way to complete teacher training.