Mindful Movement Booklet

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The movements are those used on the highly successful Breathworks courses, but also form a stand-alone programme for mindfulness training.

The aims of the programme are fourfold:

  • to improve awareness as you move so you can take the training into daily life - bringing awareness to lifting, walking, bending, reaching and so on, learning to move with the breath rather than habitually holding the breath against movement
  • to improve your flexibility
  • to improve your strength

For these reasons the Breathworks Mindful Movement programme is not simply an exercise programme, getting you to stretch further or hold poses for longer. Equally important is the emphasis on developing the quality of your awareness as you move by becoming mindful. By becoming sensitive to your body's sensations you can inhabit it more deeply and feel more relaxed, grounded and alive.

This programme is suited to people with chronic pain, illness and stress, and anyone interested in Mindfulness training. It provides a new alternative to the more formal ways of Mindfulness training such as sitting meditation.