Mindfulness in the Workplace associate Steve J - BreathworksSteve has many years’ experience as a mindfulness teacher, trainer and coach. His own clients are predominantly those dealing with chronic conditions, from pain to anxiety, stress to cancer. He was awarded a grant for his work with veterans with PTSD. He helped develop national guidelines for mindfulness teachers.

Steve gained his Doctorate through research into the use of mindfulness and outdoor therapy for people with chronic conditions. He has an MSc in Design Management in which he examined the impact of environmental design on health and wellbeing. He also holds a BSc. (Hons) in Integrated Therapy as well as Diplomas in counselling and psychology

A former military medic and an emergency care practitioner, Steve is a Mountain Leader and Rock Climbing instructor who teaches Casualty Care for a Lake District mountain rescue team. He is also a TRiM (Trauma Risk Management) advisor for Mountain Rescue.

He was UK delegate to the first Asia Pacific ICHPER (International Congress on Health, Physical Education and Recreation) Conference in Malaysia and is a UK member of the International Adventure Therapy Committee. He has presented at conferences in the Czech Republic, London, Geneva and Johannesburg.