Current Training Programme Students (jotform)

In September, 2013 Vidyamala Burch published a new book Mindfulness for Health with co-author Danny Penman.  The book reflects Vidyamala's most up-to-date thinking on how to apply mindfulness-based pain management (MPBM) to people with pain, stress and illness.  As a result, the Living Well with Pain and Illness  8-week course will be replaced by the new Mindfulness for Health Course.  The most significant differences between the old and the new course is new meditation practices, more research and the fact that the new book will be used as a manual throughout the Mindfulness for Health course.

To align with the release of the book, Breathworks has made some changes to the Training Programme.  For a summary of the changes we are making please read more: 

Summary of Changes to the Breathworks Training course

Training applicants will be required to fulfil the prerequisites for training which involve demonstrating that they are familiar with the Breathworks Approach and have a minimum of 1 year of mindfulness and meditation practice.

The Training Programme will be offered at two levels, Introductory (TTi) and Advanced (TTa). Students will still be expected to complete diaries and attend a Mindful Movement weekend at some point during their training.

Upon completion of Introductory Training (TTi), students will move on to either co-leading a Breathworks course or running a practice course themselves.  They then attend the Advanced Training (TTa), to deepen their understanding and develop their skills in delivering Breathworks courses.  This will enable students to gain experience in applying what they've learned in Introductory training before coming on to Advanced training.

Students can attend Advanced Level Training and support or run practice courses as many times as they'd like until they feel ready for accreditation.

What this means to you

If you have completed TT1 in the last two years, you are welcome to book directly onto our Introductory Level Training (previously TT2), without having to apply to participate. simply complete the registration form below.

If you participated in any part of TT1 prior to January 2012
 we ask that you apply to come onto our Introductory level training.  Simply complete the application form below:

If you've participated in module 1 of TT1 since January 2012 you will need to attend a module 2 training or meet one of the other prerequisites before registering for the training programme.  Once you've completed module 2, simply complete the Training Programme Application/Registration form above to book onto Introductory level training (previously TT2).   

If you have completed TT2, you are welcome to use the Training Programme Application/Registration form above to register directly onto our Advanced Level Training (previously TT3), without having to run a practice course.  You will still be expected to run a practice course after completing advanced training as part of becoming accredited. When you come onto your next training retreat, we will discuss your options for supporting or running a course.

How much will my continued training cost?

Breathworks is committed to honouring its agreement to those of you who entered the training process prior to the recent changes.  Therefore you should not see a significant increase in your training costs.

Fees for anyone who started training with us no earlier than January 2012 will be based solely on increased inflation and accommodation charges, and are significantly lower (per retreat) than fees for new students.

Retreat fees for current students will be as follows:

  • Organizational - £1175
  • Individual - £950
  • Concessionary - £750

Practice course supervision fee: £350

(figures above incl VAT)
Please feel free to call the office if you have any questions regarding your on-going training with us.
For more information about how the new Training Programme is structured check out the Breathworks Training Pathways.