Mindful Movement Programme (jotform)

Introductory Mindful Movement Weekend

This workshop will give you a comprehensive introduction to Mindful Movement used on our highly successful Breathworks courses. They have been developed over several years by Vidyamala - the Breathworks founder - and Padmadarshini, a yoga and movement teacher with decades of experience.

Next Dates: 21-22 February and 25-26 April

More dates will be available later in the year, including a London venue.

Venue: Yoga Studio, Bodywise Natural Health Centre, 2nd Floor, Manchester Buddhist Centre, M4 1DZ

Cost: see below

The movements are especially suited to people with chronic pain, chronic illness or any other situation where more vigorous movements are unsuitable. They serve as a complement to normal exercise programmes in that they train us to deeply inhabit the body as we move and to release habits of contraction and holding around the breath. The movements are all breath-based, that is, breath awareness is central and uses the breath to lead the movements. In this way it creates its own mindfulness practice, as well as helping people to gain greater confidence if their mobility has been compromised.

The aims of the programme are fourfold:

  • to improve awareness as you move so you can take the training into daily life - bringing awareness to lifting, walking, bending, reaching and so on
  • learning to move with the breath rather than habitually holding the breath against movement
  • to gently improve your flexibility
  • to gently improve your strength

For these reasons the Breathworks mindful movement programme is not simply an exercise programme, getting you to stretch further or hold poses for longer. Equally important is the emphasis is on developing the quality of your awareness as you move by becoming mindful. By becoming sensitive to your body's sensations you can inhabit it more deeply and feel more relaxed, grounded and alive. In this sense Breathworks mindful movements can be seen as a form of gently dynamic meditation.

Booking Details:

To book for one of these events please complete Booking Form below and make a £50 deposit per event.

(deposits are non-refundable - see Cancellation policy)

Cost per weekend:

  • Organisation - £320
  • Individual - £275
  • Concessionary - £200

Cancellation Policy

Breathworks training events are very popular but there are a limited number of spaces. So it is important that any cancellation, or changes, to bookings are made well in advance. To book for a Mindful Movement workshop Breathworks requires a £50 non-refundable deposit. Full payment for the event is due no later than four weeks prior to the event start date. Failure to make the full payment four weeks before the event will result in the loss of your place on the event as well as your deposit (unless a prior arrangement has been confirmed by our office).

If you need to cancel your place after you have paid in full, it is unlikely that we will be able to refund your fee unless we are able to fill your place.